And Now for Something Completely Different

Created by Saffi Sep 15, 2018

Last Updated Sep 15, 2018 (Swap Update)


  • Attack 31
  • Ranged 37
  • Siege 0
  • Total Strength 68
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5600
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  • 31
  • 37
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Brief Summary of Build


Saffi here (Saffiter on GOG and Twitch).

This is a work in progress right now, I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, but I'll keep tweaking until Homecoming. The main premise behind it is to try and create something a little different that hasn't really been seen before on the ladder, and yet still at least kinda works (or, at least, is fun to play/makes you think).

The First Mulligan

Get rid of any of the special bronzes ( [Wyvern Scale Shield] , [Mardroeme] , and [Mastercrafted Spear] ).

If the Mulligan Gods aren't kind, check how many [Vicovaro Novice] and [Magne Division] ) you have in hand. If you have two Novices in hand, kick both of the Mardroeme. If you only have Magne Divisions, keep the Mardroeme for now and get rid of spears and shield.

I like to try and have at least two Magne Divisions, one [Slave Driver] , and an [Assassin] in hand if at all possible (more is better, but you take what you can get with that first Mulligan).


Card Combos



If you've got cards in your hand that you want to get rid of, play [Usurper] and, if you get [Francessca] , use her to get rid of an extra card that you don't want. 

[Johnny] -> [Wolfsbane] , or a more fun combo Usurper -> [Emhyr var Emreis] -> Johnny -> Wolfsbane -> put Johnny back in your hand for another turn later (a good Johnny target for later is [Hanmarvyn's Dream] - especially if your opponent has played golds that aren't really useful for you).


General Guide

General Play

Magne Division is used to pull either Mastercrafted Spear or Wyvern Scale Shield (I used to run two Shields, but found myself somehow bricking a lot and the mulligan was getting to be Alchemy levels of crazy). Try and have at least one Slave Driver in hand when playing Magne Division so you have a decent amount of points to smack the other player with.

Mardroeme should generally be used to heal anything you've just used Slave Drivers on. Lose the points one play, get them back in the next. It's also handy if you happen to pull Olaf off Uma.

[Shihil] I generally use to pull a bronze or silver unit from my deck (just keep an eye on what you've actually got left in your deck when you play this, as you can brick yourself by mistake and play a 0 point gold).

[Ceallach Dyffryn] is a case by case basis, but having access to a third [Assassin] is always handy.

[Vicovaro Medic] their important bronzes. Big boy [An Craite Greatsword], [Dimun Light Longship] for example. 

The rest of it is really up to you

Card Replacements

This is a work in progress, so feel free to change whatever you think isn't working. You should see what this deck looked like when I first made it. It was RNG central.

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