Championship Dwarves

Created by Greyboxer Dec 30, 2016

Last Updated Jan 3, 2017 (Pre-Patch 2)


  • Attack 22
  • Ranged 27
  • Siege 29
  • Total Strength 78
  • Total 25
  • Silver 6
  • Gold 4
  • Scrap Cost 5890
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  • 22
  • 27
  • 29

Brief Summary of Build

The Mahakam Mining Company presents you with - Championship Dwarves! This is the deck I took all the way to third place in the December Beta Brawl championship - and it performed quite admirably! It notably out powered a Foltest Poor Infantry build as well as other strong decks on the way to a bronze medal. It was the only dwarves deck in the entire tourney!

We focus on buffing Dwarves and splitting power among rows with Dwarves on melee and agile units/Yarpen on siege row. Removal effects be damned, we are strong Dwarves who dont need no weather. 

Tournament Match vs. Poor Fucking Cheese: https://www.twitch.tv/faramirhs/v/110924131

Ladder Match vs. Radovid https://www.twitch.tv/greyboxer/v/110917140

Card Combos

Operator -> Barclay - obviously :D

Toruviel onto your strongest row to provide insane value on opponent's pass. Great turn one play, as there are enough traps now that it isnt always obviously Toruviel.

Eithne vs. NR and ST-  is for use with spies, as it replicates a two turn play of decoy plus playing the spy and is very powerful. 

Eithne vs SK and Monsters - is for use with Zoltan, Animal Tamer. We use the multiplicative value of playing double Duda's on our strong row prior to a Commanders Horn finisher. 

General Guide


- Keep Commander's Horn at all costs. This is your finisher. 

- Keep one Defender, One Guard, One Merc, one Commando + your best cards. You want to have Operator and Barclay in opening hand if possible. Vs Radovid, feel free to mulligan Zoltan [5 Str].

Round One: 

Play your Barclay/Operator Combo, and get your Dwarves to a place where they are unkillable by anything but Alzur's Thunder. If you have somehow taken a power lead in round one, feel free to decoy Barclay for an additional play. 

- Use Mardroeme on Priscilla/Myrgtabrakke/pesky 4 strength units that appear. If none do, then use on your defender, since that will help him if he gets weathered. 

If you have Toruviel, play her on the row where you dwarves live. If you Defender is dead, play it on the row with yarpen. We want her strength to be carried into round 2, and we can start loading up siege row with our agile Mercenaries and Blue Mountains. Continue to buff and thin your deck with bounce until you steal a pass from your opponent. Without sickening good removal, You should be able to keep pace/outpace just about any deck. 

Round Two:

You probably went down on CA to carry some strong Dwarves into round 2. Round 2 is where you consolidate power and maintain a lead to provide card advantage. Save your best plays for round 3, as you may be facing a Borkh, Weather, Gigni or Big Monsters/Skellige units. Play every card except Zoltan-Tamer, Eithne (unless you can use on a spy)  and Commanders Horn. If you have a first light, hold that as well. 

Round Three: 

Slam it home. Use Zoltan-->Eithne->Zoltan ->Commanders Horn on your best row, or if you have golds to use also, kill high value targets. If you have a good points lead but fear weather, then spread the love as evenly as possible among two rows. The love is spread far enough that normally we dont have to worry about a single igni, though sometimes igni can hit your highest target, but you should still have enough power to win. Use Iorveth+Triss or Iorveth+Eithne to kill Borkh if it appears.  


Card Replacements

Zoltan [5 Str] - > Aglais (for additional first lights, Swallow potions or on-demand mardroeme for pesky 4 strength units that need destroyed)

Operator -> Yaevinn for CA

Barclay -> Natures Gift for Commanders Horn double. Very risky. 

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