Guide to the Mahakam Ale Festival!

The Mahakam Ale festival is the first holiday event introduced in Gwent, available free for all and offering unique rewards for completing the three different challenges on both Standard and Expert mode!

Players will be rewarded with a unique avatar as well as some Ore and Experience for completing the challenges on Standard mode. Beating Expert mode will grant Meteorite Powder, Experience and a unique Border and Title!

We've included a guide written by Aych to completing the three challenges on Expert mode below the official announcement from CD Projekt Red.

Let us know what you think about content like the Mahakam Ale Festival and what other type of holiday event you would love to see in Gwent!

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Mahakam Ale Festival has begun!

All have heard of Mahakam, but few have beheld the dwarves' famed stronghold from within. Elder-in-Chief Brouver Hoog has no trust for travelers and opens his gates to them only with the greatest reluctance… unless, that is, they come to attend the great Mahakam Ale Festival.

Come by and join us in the celebrations! During the Mahakam Ale Festival you will be able to play three brand-new challenges on two levels of difficulty, and claim a unique player avatar, frame and title in the process.

The event lasts from September 29th until the ale eventually runs out (that’s October 12th, in case you’re wondering).

See you in Mahakam!


Here's a short guide to the three challenges on Expert mode! Here be spoilers, so If you rather figure it out by yourself then stop here!

Trial of the Glasses

The first expert puzzle is quite fair, and can be beaten without too much trickery. Play through it a couple of times, familiarise yourself with the resources that both you and your opponent have available. Think of it like a typical game of Gwent, just with weird cards added in.


  • Zoltan Chivay can be a very proactive advocate against Drunken Sailors
  • Another good way to deal with Drunken Sailors is to pass early in round 2 after winning round 1
  • Use Dwarven Mercenaries to move Foul Ale to rows where it can hit at most 1 unit
  • There's very little your opponent can do about Yarpen Zigrin - so buff him!
  • Make sure to get your ales going early. The spawning effect can be even more important than the buff.

One possible solution

Round 1

  • Yarpen
  • Zoltan Chivay (front row, target Yarpen and opponent’s Drunken Sailors)
  • Mahakam Ale (between Yarpen and Zoltan)
  • Mahakam Guard (Front row, Yarpen)
  • Foul Ale (opponent will usually respond with one of his own)
  • Dwarven Mercenary (Move Foul Ale Away from Yarpen)
  • Mahakam Guard (Next to Foul Ale, target Yarpen)
  • Dwarven Mercenary (Yarpen, not onto foul ale row)
  • Brouver
  • OPPONENT PASS (Sometimes your opponent won’t pass here - if he doesn’t, I recommend restarting the challenge, since it is RNG)

Round 2

  • Mahakam Defender
  • Mahakam Ale (such that it buffs the resilient unit)
  • Gabor (such that it buffs the most units)
  • PASS

Round 3

  • Sheldon (next to defender)
  • Mahakam Ale (between Sheldon and defender)

Disclaimer - I’ve tried this out a few times, and it works, but I’m sure there will be a few rare cases of RNG when it doesn’t - I can only recommend to restart and try again!

Battle of the Bards

The second challenge is a fun little puzzle that requires a bit of thinking (and reading the cards carefully) to reach the solution. It's fun to figure it out yourself, but here are some hints, and the full solution behind the spoiler.


  • You need to play for 6 turns in order to win
  • You need to play Priscilla in round 1 or 2 for no value
  • You need to set up a situation in which Draig-Bon-Dhu takes from your row
  • You need to use Bardic Power Chords to steal a unit from your opponent's melee row

Full Solution

  1. Priscilla
  2. Rhapsodic Melody (first two steps can be swapped)
  3. Rhapsodic Melody
  4. Priscilla (targeting an opponent's melee unit)
  5. Chords (targeting an opponent's melee unit)
  6. Priscilla

Enter the Tippler

The key to this challenge is to minimise the value gained from She-Troll's Consumes. It is a very powerful ability, and if not played around will render you unable to keep up in points. In order to do that you will need to know some important information:

Your draws in rounds 2 and 3 are always:

  • Sigrdrifa, Clan Tordarroch-Shieldsmith
  • Priestess of Freya

Trollololo's cards are:

  • Trollololo (Trollololo bring friends)
  • She-Troll of Vergen (consumes your lowest unit every 3 turns)
  • Crone: Whispess (pulling out her bretheren, of course)
  • Full Moon Potion x3
  • Champion of Champions (damaging all your units by 2)
  • Shupe (transforms a card into your hand into a 1 strength Pertydoll)
  • Thirsty Troll x3
  • Celaeno Harpy x3


  • You don't have a lot of low power units in hand, so the She-Troll will become quite large. That is, unless you are somehow able to find some low strength units for her to consume…
  • Such as by passing early in round 1, perhaps (but be careful to time it well, or She-Troll might consume your carryover.
  • Play Odrin and Mahakam Guard in round 1, followed by a pass, and see how you go!
  • Warcrier is your most important card in round 2, play it as late as possible! You might also need to start over if Shupe takes it.

One Possible Solution

Solution relies on Shupe not consuming your Warcrier. Particularly important moves are bolded.

Round 1

  • Odrin
  • Mahakam Guard (gets consumed)
  • PASS

Round 2

  • Sigrdrifa your Mahakam Guard (Sig gets consumed)
  • Mahakam Defender and Dwarven Skirmisher (at this point or on the turn before, Shupe will consume something from your hand. Let's assume it is a Warrior, in the following explanation replace whatever got consumed with a warrior)
  • Partydoll (gets consumed)
  • Shieldsmith and Thunderbolt (order doesn't matter too much, try to get value out of the potion and hit odrin with it. Also make sure not to thunderbolt your Odrin before it gets hit by champion of champions)
  • Shieldsmith (something gets consumed)
  • Warrior and Thunderbolt
  • Zoltan (something gets consumed)
  • Warcrier your Odrin and another big unit
  • PASS (at this point both players are out of cards)

Round 3

  • Priestess of Freya something large

Some notes on the solution

  • I'm sure this is not the only way to do it, but I've tested it out (thrice) and it seems to work consistently, as long as Warcrier is not consumed
  • Make sure you buff potential consume targets with Odrin/Thunderbolts as little as possible
  • Optimal positioning will be slightly different from game to game (because there is some randomness involved),
  • I’ll leave that for you to figure out. Your goal in round 2 is to maximize points - if you follow this guide, round 3 should be a cakewalk.




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