Saovine: Holiday of the Dead Expert Guide

Saovine: Holiday of the Dead is the second limited holiday event introduced in Gwent, available free for everyone and offering unique rewards for completing the three different challenges on both Standard and Expert mode.

Players will be rewarded with a unique Avatar as well as some Ore and Experience for completing the challenges on Standard mode. Beating Expert mode will grant Meteorite Powder, Experience and a unique Border and Title!

If you need a little help beating the Expert mode, check out our guide to all three challenges below!

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Elven tradition holds on Saovine's eve the dead crawl out of their graves and demand food. The Toussaintais do not believe in such superstitions - yet this year, they were about to see the legends contain a grain of truth…

Join us in Toussaint, on the eve of Saovine and survive the night when fear and horror come out to play! Once again we have prepared three challenges and puzzles on two difficulty levels. For completing them you will be able to earn a unique player avatar, frame and title, and claim additional Ore and Meteorite Powder.

The event lasts from October 31st until November 21st. We sure hope, you’re not afraid of vampires!



The alliterative follow up to the Battle of the Bards is a fun puzzle that requires to maximize the limited resources you have on hand. If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again!


  • Don’t let your minions die to katakan
  • Try to amass a critical amount of Scythemen to finish the Palisade in one round
  • In the final 'round' (after you play Germain), you should have 4 Scythemen and 2 Archers in hand and your opponent should have 2 vampires on the board

Full solution:

  • Archer (Katakan)
  • Scytheman
  • Scytheman
  • Germain
  • Archer (Ekimmara)
  • Archer (Katakan, Ekimmara)
  • Archer (All 3)
  • Germain
  • Archer (Ekimmara)
  • Archer (Katakan, Ekimmara)
  • Scytheman
  • Scytheman
  • Scytheman
  • Scytheman


This may appear like a race against the clock, but the old witcher Vesemir will help you take your time. Like in any good RTS, deal with those pesky enemies before going for the main objective!


  • Your opponent always plays: Queen of the Night, 4 Sets of Ekimmaras, 4 Katakans, 2 Garkains
  • Your primary goal is to stem the bleeding: make sure you lose as few units (ideally zero) as possible to Ekimmaras, and make sure the Katakans don’t kill your ram
  • Your secondary goal is to prolong the round as much as possible with the help of Vesemir
  • Speaking of Vesemir, setting him up to destroy multiple units is one of the keys to victory

Full solution:

  • Germain (all melee)
  • Vesemir (siege)
  • Mass Levy (all melee)
  • Mass Levy (all ranged, kill Ekimmaras on ranged)
  • Yeoman Archer (ranged, push back two Ekimmaras from ranged, and Ballista the one remaining there)
  • Vesemir (ranged)
  • Combat Tinkerer (ranged, heal Ram, ballista Katakan)
  • Beauclair Bovine (Germain)
  • Vesemir (ranged)
  • Combat Tinkerer (melee, heal Ram)
  • Germain (melee; all further units on melee)
  • Vesemir
  • Yeoman Archer
  • Yeoman Archer
  • Combat Tinkerer (if needed)
  • Vesemir (if needed)

Note: If your Ram gets damaged by one of the RNG effects, you might need to restart the battle.


This challenge is perhaps easier than the rest, and it’s bound to leave you thirsting for more (as long as the CD Projekt runs red)!

Hints / solution:

  • Mulligan
    • Bovines, (you want at most 1 bovine in round 2)
  • Round 1
    • Pass Immediately
  • Round 2
    • Play your Farmhands, Bovines (if any) for your first two cards
    • The third card your opponent plays this round will steal one of your units, so don’t play your Crossbowmen/Militia into it
    • After this point your goal is to get your opponent to pass. This can be done by getting far ahead of them with high tempo plays (Late Harvest’s second mode, Potion, even Germain fits the bill). The AI has been passing on me when I was ~15 points ahead, but I am not aware of the exact threshold (the AI might also always want to play 3 ravens before passing). You want a long last round
    • Play around Condemnation, which sets one of your units to 1 strength
    • Save your engine cards for round 3, it should be a long round
  • Round 3
    • Play around Katakan as much as you can by not having units at 3 strength or less.
    • Make sure to maximise the value of your engine cards (Crossbowmen, Peasant Militia, Germain if you saved him)



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