Midwinter Hunt Standard and Expert Walkthrough

With the new update also came a new holiday event! Midwinter Hunt once again rewards you with a new themed avatar and title after beating both Standard and Expert mode!

This one is quite a bit easier than the previous event, but here's a walkthrough just in case you get stuck along the way or just want to get it over with as quick as possible!

Quote from CD Projekt Red

The night of the winter solstice – Midinváerne, in the language of the elves – is a time when the borders between worlds blur and the air shimmers with wild magic. Folk spend this evening together, exchanging presents… while witchers roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Join Geralt of Rivia on his Midwinter Hunt and test your skills in three brand new challenges on two levels of difficulty – for your efforts you will be rewarded with a themed avatar, frame and title!

The event lasts from December 19th until January 9th.


Treacherous Passage

This puzzle’s not too treacherous at all, play your cards, and laugh as the rocks fall.


  • Clan Greatsword (melee) x 3
  • Archer (targeting Greatsword, Ice Troll, Ice Troll)
  • Geralt: Igni (melee) (target melee)
  • Archer (ranged) (targeting the 3 remaining opposing units)
  • Djenge (ranged) (target the 3 opposing units)


  • Clan Greatsword (melee) x 2
  • Geralt: Igni (melee) (target melee)
  • Swallow (Igni)
  • Clan Archer (melee) (target 3 opposing units)
  • Sercher)
  • Djenge (melee) (target 3 opposing units)

Fire and Ice

In the icy mountains, fire falls to ice. This puzzle’s all maths, no RNG, no dice.


  • Northern Wind
  • Hunter
  • Hunter
  • Decoy
  • Djenge


  • Frost (Phoenix)
  • DISCARD Clan Marauder x 3 (drag it to graveyard)
  • Priestess (Marauder) x 2
  • Decoy Priestess (Marauder)
  • Djenge

Unexpected Ally

Make sure the phoenix forever will burn. Geralt is ready, and it is your turn!

Standard & Expert

  • Geralt (Yrden)
  • Swallow (the Phoenix)
  • Geralt (Aard)
  • Swallow
  • Geralt (Aard)
  • Swallow
  • Geralt (Aard)
  • Mandrake (strengthen the Phoenix)
  • Geralt (Aard)



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