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    Quote from Sayid >>

    the total of how many draws u have is shown at the begining of the game and thats how many times u can redraw so if u use all of your redaws at the begining then u want have anymore later on and if u play some leaders u get less redraws for exampel the nilfgard leader userper have 0 redraws if he goes secends and the archas queen have only one.

    hope it helped a bit,i thought i had the same problem when i started playing

     The problem is that I have no redraw left, even when I dont redraw at the beginning.

    And I play Ereding, so he shouldnt have any restriction depending redraws.

    Thats the strange thing in this case. ;)

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    Seems that I have a strange bug in my game.

    While my enemy can redraw some of his cards at the beginning of every round I can redraw only at the beginning of the 1st round.

    And it doesent matter if I redraw 0 or 4 cards at the 1st round, always the same I cant redraw on 2nd and 3rd turn.

    And doesent matter if I win or lose the 1st round, again the same.

    Ranked or Non-Ranked...the same problem.....only vs AI during the tutorial it worked fine.

    But at my enemy it always writes "waiting for enemy to redraw cards" at turn 2 & 3, so seems its possibler for him to redraw.

    And its also not a special ability, it also happens if I play vs a simular deck....enemy can redraw, me not. -.-

    Is there a reason why enemy can redraw every turn and me not?

    Would be nice if somone can explain me this so I can redraw cards every turn too....or GOG to fix this bug.

    Thank you in advance.

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