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    As member of the4row that achieve the GM rank with this, i personally changed Aglais for Saskia, so i can do a agresive mulligan without fear of bad draws. For me that gave the consistency that i really need to reach GM, because when i just got wardancers or the third gold on had with decree mulliganing on r2-r3, I can just use saskia to solve the problem, getting also the best options of bronze depending of the situation, so yes, personally i prefer saskia over aglais. Xavier its not as sure spot as other, but i like it cause it does the trick on r3 to compete strongly, and also it is always decent if you need to remove bork on round 3 with iorveth dueling it since most enemy units cant kill bork dueling it. I also changed isegrim for decree, to add some consistency.

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    If you are gonna play witchers, maybe its interesting to play neneke to put 2 on the deck again and use shany to resurrect the third witcher.

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