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    Swim now plays games on stream where he fully utilizes his Graveyard and plays 22+ units easily - with Scoia'tael. Because they have:

    - Quen shields

    - great unit synergy

    - great golds

    - and Spells for the Graveyard instead of units, so grave hate doesnt affect them.

    No hard counters. This is what SK should look like by now. But I guess Scoia'tael is the new Skellege, because devs really, really dont care.

    The fun thing is - there are no hard counters for the Scoia'tael core package, and this time CDPR would have to nerf spells instead of units. When they do - think of me.


    edit: Right now he is about to destroy a cursed deck with 1 card round one and twos.... (Because it doesnt have enough points...) (edit: Called it. But it was close because of a 40 point gigni. Opponent also had Crach into Djenge for full value, didnt matter...)

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    Skellege is not balanced as a fraction. Devs threw in cards to enable their concepts. Then turned around and nerfed all of them, because a carryover abuse, card advantage abuse, gold resurrect abuse deck was more effective then they saw coming - so they did what they always do - and took away points until they could proclaim it balanced.

    (Who needs to fix Gwents issues, when you can micro manage peoples experiences, and count on netdecking as the sole aim of most of your peers - and there goes another person that thinks that Gwent lately sucks....)

    Just for the record, I played the cursed deck with Bran, Gwentlemen lists Cursed with Crach as Tier 2 it might be, because it gives you a more "consistant" Djenge (which is one of your enablers and your best high point play), Cursed with Wolfsbane, at least to me doesnt feel like a tier two deck.

    Gwentlemen state, that it doesnt have any short round 3 finishers (again, very easy to overcommit), and lists Coral and Lugos as "swing cards". Ehm... Ok...? Reactive swings in this Meta with swarm, and Iris and quen shields and... And everyone running at least some form of control that then hits SK bronze units as easy as ever - isnt as good as they might think... :)

    Also - listing Axemen as Tier 3 feels... ehm.. "participation trophy worthy".

    Then you look at the other decklists, and concepts that were viable since the days of early public beta or even before - while for Skellege its always, nope cant have you doing that, nope, have to nerf that, nope - you cant have an advantage in bronze strength either, nope - no synergy for you. Nope, no passive effects - what vere you even thinking. Also - here, have the worst edit: golds (had written leaders, leaders are fine ;) ) in the game, and the highest bronze package dependancy to get anything going.

    Also - we will nerf resurrect with every patch that gets out there. You always had ressurect targets, at least with bears? Nope, not anymore you dont. Better never draw more than two in your starting hand! But you'll always want them - because no other cards in that fraction have synergies - really. Here, take a spear maiden. It can brick a little more, but its a 2 strenght bronze that can enable you still having not enough points in the end!


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    Played the cursed deck, its not great either (No, its not me... ;) ). If you think about crafting it ~ *eeh*.

    Here are the issues with the cursed list. If Wolvesbane hits "good" round one, you are golden. If they counter it (shielded units, the right amount of points play...), the chance of you overcommiting round one gets higher and higher.

    Cursed can very quickly spew out points, but looking at their engines, you only have three of each berserker/maurauder - both of which need an enabler, then you have two maidens to enable both "combos", because you need both of them to win a match, and sometimes this means that they are bricked. To help with overall points you have Djenge, but he is draw dependent and can be countered, and appart from him you dont have any resurrect targets really - that by themselves can win you round 3.

    When Swim played the deck he had 10 point restore that could be chained into an alternative finisher if lucky - you dont have that anymore.

    When Swim played the deck people didnt know how to play against Wolfsbane - now they do...

    Also - you basically dont have any counters against other deck strats except your two typical skellege gold which arent great either. So given all that, the overall point potential is (/"feels") still too low.

    Couple both of those statments with the fact, that its very easy to overcommit with this deck (one round wonder)... and its not even tier 2. Somewhat as expected.

    But. Crafting Mork if you play Wolvesbane is a very good idea. Just saying. I played my other Skellege Decks with Restore on a discarded Freya (from Wolfsbane), less good of an idea. Helps every Skellege deck to gain round advantage, without the need for other silvers to enable that win condition.

    So its back to abusing carryover.

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    Quote from k1l1 >>
    Ah, only two Freyas. And two archers. That guy knows whats up... I actually might netdeck it, even though I have to run Mork - AGAIN. At least it doesnt rely on silver spies also...
    Thanks, I guess. All my other criticisms are viable by the way - and I am sick of CDPR always running Gwent by not wanting to adress the main issues, and nerfing all support cards that might enable other playstiles, until the win ratio is "balanced" again.
    What this deck concept illustrates is, that now that they relased Houndsnougt (?) as an uncounterable card, the cursed concept became enabled, while they destroyed all other core SK concepts entirely. One after the other.
    Is this the concept of game design, where you release one new fraktion concept every patch and instantly make it the only one playable at all (apart form core issue abuse)?
    Because it seems to fit very well with the pay to win business model they recently embrased. (Yes I know Gwent is very viable as F2P yadda, yadda...)
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    Quote from k1l1 >>
     Wolfsbane into carryover is hardly what carries this deck...Wollfsbane gives you the chance to get card advantage.
    And how can Djenge be hard coutered outside of Caretaker (monster specific) and Eskel (not very common nowadays) I see not many options.
    He has nothing to do with the win con, he can be part of that however
     It carrys you as in - your slow play in round one cant get "entirely" countered, because you run carryover - which it buffs. Which then gives you a higher chance at card advantage. Id argue, that Wolvesbane in decks without Cerys and Mork will fast become a thing of the past (currently they are about  the only decks that are playable.. ;) ), because its a very slow play to begin with - and people start to regonize how to make you loose another 12 points just by playing around it.
    Also, it has finally tought them to look into your graveyard at all - because its normaly so easy to avoid. So now everyone does it. :)
    Its not your "point engine", I know.
    Djenge can be countered by Eskel, Coral (Gold duplication, or Skellege) and artefact compression, also you are probably the single most vulnerable deck to people that run hailstorm (which most people dont, because it doesnt counter consume anymore). But I can see that it is a better option than any other non cursed Skellege high point unit, because as a silver it doesnt cause you to auto loose against spies and monsters.
    This is the Skellege Grveyard play in the current meta (as well as in the last three ones): As a SK player, dont put high power units in your graveyard. Or you will loose.
    At least that much I think we all would be able to somewhat acknowledge....
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    Quote from k1l1 >>
     Seems to me like you're just a bad Skellige player...while you are right that all those things got nerfed, they are prefectly fine and viable now wereas before they were pretty OP
     Seems like you live in a different reality than me - the same winning concepts from last month (for Skellege) still are the only ones viable today (gold resurrect, carryover, card advantage abuse) - what they nerfed were all the concepts every other Skellege deck needed to get compettive. Which is why they introduced them just a few weeks ago.
    Its a choice I guess... A lazy not entirely well thought out choice, but CDPR showed one thing above all, they love the "easy fix".
    Every time they introduced a new mechanic - it failed, and eventually people went back to abusing the mechanics they knew CDPR would not fix, because they dont know how.
    GWENT; the new meta. Bank on CDPR failing to fix the core issues of the game, and play to emphasise them. If you are doing anything else, get effed, because CDPR eventually will try to "balance" by destroying core cards, just so the abuse decks get pushed down to a reasonable win ratio.
    Its easier for me to follow CDPRs corporate logic on "game balancing" than their gamedesigners logic of actually enabling concepts, and not just destroying the usability of one card after the other.
    If Graveyard is a failed concept, then maybe they should start to acknowledge that as well.
    Also, maybe I'm just an average 120 IQ player that hates to have to play Mork and Silver Spies in every deck. Since the beginning of this game. I even refuse to craft them right now. Thats how strong my dislike of those concepts has become.
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    Quote from k1l1>>

    What are you talking about, Skellige is one of the best factions in the game.

    I played a lot of Swims Cursed deck this patch and the tempo it can output is insane; also it gets incredible utility out of Wolfsbane, wich basically reverses the coin flip, atleast most of the time.

    Wolfsbane into carryover (into spies) is the engine that carrys the deck. People are learning to play arround Wolvesbane otherwise. You still think its great, because you dont use your Graveyard that often in cursed. Overall the engine is still gold resurrect, carryover, card advantage. The same as in the tier one deck which is the same concept, but still better. Then you hope you dont get countered on your multiplier and to ressurrect a silver Djenge.

    Battle maiden maybe works best in cursed - because its "thinning" often verges on the edge of bricking if your opponent knows how to disable it, and cursed has more power potential "up front" so Maiden seldomly is a slow card.

    I have to say, that I havent played much cursed yet (because I dont want to build another deck around Mork and minimal carryover) but I thought that everyone agreed, that it uses many of the same concepts as the tier 1 deck, but turns out worse. Also - Djenge can be hard countered, and then you loose your round three winning condition, correct? 


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    Quote from MrCain>>
    There are two different archetypes - graveyard abuse and self damage - that actually work in the current meta and perform decently well even in high mmr/pro ladder enviroments. The faction is in a nice position and arguably the best it has been in quite a while. I am a huge fan of how CDPR handled the Restore nerfs, slightly adjusting the card until it felt right rather than destroying it outright and i think that has paid off.
    Thats objectively wrong. Graveyard abuse dosnt work with restore (restore RESETS to 8) and is hard countered by auto includes for two fractions, and has fewer points than Spellatell or Swarm (the other two fractions) in long rounds. Self damaging is reliant on concentrating your power on a few units. That mostly are doomed and can be quite easily countered, if people know what they are doing. They are close to working, but they dont. They are not what you would even list as tier 2 decks. People try to make them work, but they dont.
    Restoring from Graveyard needed a buff, it got a tripple nerf, so people are now trying out cursed and they are failing. Thats the reality of it. Show me one Restore or cursed deck thats competitive at higher MMR. They dont exist as far as I am concerned. Everyone is playing the carryover card advantage game - no one is relying on base synergy in Skellege anymore. Nowhere on the ladder.
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    Then lets look at how their "Graveyard function" developed over time.

    Freyas got cursed.

    Siegdryfa lost the buffing value (by now it has become a worse decoy).

    Restore got nerfed.

    Then Restore got nerfed again.

    Then they lost half their silver restore targets.

    Restoring something from your graveyard now basically is a zero point play - while graveyard hate frequently is a 35+ point swing. And again - I have yet to see spy or monster players play their graveyard hate right to be able to win a game. As soon as they have those cards, you auto lost. If you are not playing for non base unit win conditions.

    The way devs beat on that fraction, has to be a running gag by now. It feels like a bait and switch whenerver they introduce new playable cards for them - because you know, they will be nerfed to unusability within the next dew weeks, so the deves havent to think about core game concepts. Now - does graveyard play counter the way all Skellege units are exposed to "everything", or is it seen as a card pool enabler? Because right now two factions have hard counters to both of those concepts, you you've got zero point plays to follow up on those plays.

    When Gold weather was a thing, did Skellege get buffed, because they were the fraction most affected? No, they got nerfed. Baer lady is unusable - because it lacks synergy with everything. Having three or more Skellege units in a row? Great, now they are there and nowthing happens? Playing horn? They have no swarm potential, so this disables the card in most situations...

    Playing to disable you opponents high Value cards? Now they have Iris - and none of your units have passive abilities that could help you swing either way. Harpooner is the only one - but it gets diabled if your opponent knows what hes doing and can brick your hand in early play. Opponents preassuring you round 2 will generate another win condition for them, because you hold resurrects that are basically passive cards by now.


    Idk. What CDPR is thinking - but all of this is actually pretty bad.

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    As this is a Crosspost from reddit - here is the answer to the typical "What are you talking about dude, they still have Swims Tier 1 deck!" raction of the emotional downvote fan that didnt read the thread - that eventually follows:  
    Swim naming the deck "Why is this still a thing?" was a reaction to him being able to still abuse low point resurrects/carryover and card advantage. CDPR immediatly reacted and nerfed all usable new Skellege cards that had nothing to do with the issue - but destroyed the competitiveness of the fraction again - in all ways that were not he ones they still have no clue on how to fix.  There is no other deck or concept for the fraction thats fun to play, or competitive - as said in the long text you didnt fully read. Im forced to netdeck swims discard deck to even climb to rank 18. The discard deck works on abusing gold resurrect, minimal carry over and card advantage. It needs all three concepts to be competitive. Skellege doesnt have one enabling concept (synergy) on their own that isnt game breaking. And this is because devs remove all of them, rather than adress the more disabling core issues of the two concepts that are well known and exploited for months now - but they dont know how to fix. Every time they get a card or a meta that would enable them for other concepts, another card from their pool gets destroyed by the devs - so the only thing thats left is playing with concepts that they have a hard time addressing - like carryover, cardadvantage - and minimal gold resurrect (immune to grave hate). (For Wolvesbane to not being able to be easily hard countered you need Morkwark, ... and hopefully a spy, and.... not one of those concepts comes out of their own basic core card pool.)
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    Hi, disgruntled Skellege player here, wanting to talk about the neverending swings from "slightly overpowered" to fundamentally "unusable" this fraction gets with every patch, hotfix and meta change - and why this fraction at a very fundamental level is disincentivized by the logic of the game.

    Skellege at a fundamental level is all about steady powergain on units that are always on display for your opponent. There is no meta where this isnt the worst power attribution mechanic in the game.

    They get high strength units eventually, that are most affected by removal, have no swarm potential, no shields without a "custom deploy" play, no carryover - are subject to grave hate which can even disrupt their reactive setups (armor smith into the graveyard).

    They were the fraction most affected by: Weather, Hailstorm, removal, forced movement, spies, gravehate, target damage and many more concepts...

    When gold weather was a thing they got axemen nerfed.

    When pirates found an enabler to get barely as strong as spellatell units and that requird you to draw two specific cards in your deck, it instantly got destroyed by CDPR.

    Then they got their engine disrupted by the implementation of cursed units, got their final decent gold card reduced to a steady resurrect joke - with not even a combo deck that could be constructed around it -

    and were only competive in decks that were heavily abusing already broken concepts like carry over and the regaining card advantage battle. All their engines right now are dead, and they survived for far too long on a diet of playing their "somewhat new" rowdisruption units with variable damage output.

    Then two cards were introduced. First Restore, which allowed for a lategame pointgain in a fraction of their matches, then Wolfsbane which was thought to be an ok card, when people still didnt know how to play around it - but not so much any longer.

    Then Restore got nerfed so it couldnt be used with the only carryover unit they had access to. Then Resore got nerfed so it hurt most of their base units instead of benefiting them (A silver that plays you a bronze, thats also subject to gravehate? Wow.), and suddenly they were entirely uncompetive again, without abusing carryover AND cardadvantage (spies).

    Then people learned how to play arround Wolfsbane. And Wolfsbane became a tool to familiarize them with looking into your graveyard more often, thank you very much.

    So - all those months into this game, the only viable Skellege deck is one that abuses two broken concepts of gwent. And a newly found deck concept, that banks on tanking your disruptability, while deploying a snowball engine, which might still be the worst and most unfun deck I've ever played in Gwent.

    The reason Restore was nerferd by the way was its role in a deck concept that was broken because of other concepts CDPR didnt dare to touch -- and because people on reddit react most strongly to perceived "high point plays out of nowhere" (that i seldomly see a monster player that has to play his graveyard hate RIGHT to win against SK is nothing that seems to bother them, but also - is a thing).

    Playing SK in Gwent, feels like masochism - essentially.

    Today I mistakingly picked up a SK starterdeck (and I am talking Geralt and 8 point Yen) for a ranked match at rank 17, and lost by the same one card difference every SK deck that doesnt rely on spies and carryover usually looses.

    There is something very wrong with that.

    Also - now that alchemy is a thing and people dont complain about 16 strength+ units anymore - where are our Quen shield enablers? Where are our cards to protect our card pool, where are our engines that arent easily disruptable?

    Right now I am forced to netdeck Swims "still a thing deck" to even climb to rank 18, while everyone else plays stronger units, even in swarm decks, and abuse Wolfsbane into carryover and spies to force a cardisadvantage and a neverending gold ressurect as my main win mechanism.

    Also its somewhat of a running joke, that CDPR rather makes another Skellege unit unusable again as a reaction to pretty much every meta that develops, than to fix the games core issues.

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    When I loose - I think about all the ways CDPR has effed over Skellege:

    Top priority for them: Not to loose gameplay concepts they have invented (self wounding) - therefore.

    - Not giving them hardly any shield units - which in the new meta is oh so fun, because 6 dmg/turn if not hardcountered hurts SK the most.
    - In turn having some people resort to Champion of Champions, just because he has shield, in a meta were also almost everyone runs movement.
    - Having Skelleges buff options only viable in long rounds, or over three rounds - the ideal option for the gamesmart weather player.
    - Having made Skelleges buffing options so "card group" dependent, that it is hard to exchange even one bronze card to deck first light, because you are dependent on drawing most of your units and getting most of them buffed, by drawing even more of your units, ...
    - Having made grave hate a thing that now insta-wins games for: Monsters, Nilfgaard, Skellege (on your opponents side), because - again, big units, buffing, no shields, ...
    - Having now made two point spies that insta reset your units, with no option to counter.
    - Making sure, that Pirate Captains and Skirmishers buff by base strength and a buffing value each - so your opponent always has a target for a reset and for his Eskel, Coral, Artefact compression, ... Nothing ever fails against those two!
    - Having that great graveyard steal/resurrect ability, that gives your opponents 40 point plays with their throw away 1 point units, and disrupts your buffing. (Feel free to play it in round one, two or three, it never does not f*ck over Skellege!)
    - Making sure that in any deck that runs wale harpooner, there is no space for anything else other than queensgard or one unit plays, because you need weather and resurrect potential, and cards with proactive ablities, which none of SK's base units have.
    - Making sure, that the insta loose bug, where your opponent can lock you in your graveyard indefinitely survived one patch cycle already, and isnt considered "high priority" althoug it is gamebreaking - in a game with "e-sports ambitions".
    - Making sure, that if you use buffed Pirate Captains, you are locked into a set turn by turn play that prevents you from - using all discard units, which are needed to thin your deck, or do direct damage.
    - Making sure, that because of the "long round, three games defensive" nature of Skellege buff, every other faction now abuses spies gainst them, because you have limited control on when to exit a round as "basic" Skellege.
    - Making sure that weatherhas come back with a vengeance, FOR EVERYONE but Skellege. Because if you use weather as a SK player, you really only have one bronze base unit you can play that has synergy.
    - Making sure, that Skellege has no movement but this special unit in a meta where move wins you the game more often than not (Hailstorm, weather, ...) - while ST gets it for free on almost every unit.
    - Making sure that all buffing/synrgy options (wounded/cursed/skirmishers/greatswords...) are equally lousy - so everyone can loose with them on equal grounds.
    - Nerfing all Skelle Golds to the point where none of them are actually useful (except Ermion, which isnt good either), at all and could just as well be replaced by silvers every other fraction sports.
    - Making Succubus viable again (low base strength), giving monsters (who dont have great golds) another instawin against SK.

    So in short - when I loose (against a Geralt+Roach tempo play, because none of my cards can gap 17 points round two and pass, just to get spy "f*cked" into even more disadvantage - and then be "a buffet for everyone to punish" round three), I think about the folks at CDPR that think that making self wounding a thing "was an excellent idea" (and making a deathwish archetype "was an excellent idea" for monster players) - and that silver weather had to go, just to be replaced with (more expensive (currency)) gold weather and a meta, where decks get even more gready any dont get punished for it.

    Thank god I reached rank 18 yesterday at a 66% winrate with Skellege, because I wont touch the game until SK at least is made viable again, and by that I dont mean playing Lifecoach decks where the only thing you play is weathers, mages, harpooners, resurrect carry over, spies, and herbalists into neutral damage.

    Thank f*ck. (Lost 70% of my matches today in "casual game", because everyone "had an answer". Then I wondered why... And thought about it for a minute...)

    edit: And I thought having all your units moved into one row and then hailstormed (whith no counter at your disposal AT ALL, with only one movement unit at your disposial, with...) for half of your deck value was bad before... Boy, was I naive...

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    posted a message on [Balancing] Gwent is now a one round game. (Weather is back.)

    1. Going all-out to try to win the round.

    Maximising his weather and weather utility damage, minimizing my buff potential. The insane option.

    2. Dragging out a loss as long as possible.

    Maximising his weather and weather utility damage, hopeing he overcommits, because of non existant tempo. The unlikely option.

    3. Dragging out a loss as long as possible without committing high value cards.

    Maximising his weather and weather utility damage, hopeing he overcommits, because of even less non existant tempo. The wishfull thinking option.

    4. Passing

    That actually might be an Idea...

    Here is the thing guys, while all of you threw pretty unfounded verbal insults at the wall, the deck you saw me playing against in the video for the first time - while hardly anyone else was using it, has become the second most played deck in this meta at high ranks. With its players commonly dry passing the first round, or the second - to go for two long drawn out games per match - winning the first one with weather and movement, and the second one with hailstorm, and or a minor combo push (some versions playing effect cards to be even more of a control deck).

    The way to "counter it" is by

    - hardcountering (sometimes two) weather(s)

    - playing three medium length rounds, undercomitting in a longer round one if weather is on the board early - which only turns out to be possible against inexperienced players - and only possible with another win condition for you round three, namely playing additional gold weather preassure yourself, outmanouvering them on card advantage between rounds, hoping they spend gold win conditions (Geralt Aard, Tempo, ...) round one.

    - playing at least one golden weather and hailstorm yourself - preferably as late as possible, so you can get away using it as a preasure play round three, getting some of their movement used on their own units instead of yours.


    So lets recap, while this forum loved to deny the issue - the deck as well a the archetype have become maybe the second or thir most wideused deck in the game (this meta), the people who drive the deck choose to skip the first round if they loose counflip entirely - making Gwent a two round game "for their benefit" (because hailstorm as a finisiher can halve your enitre deckstenght). I've recently caught Lifecoach playing three different versions of this deck in the pro ladder (one ST, one SK, one Monster - same principal with additional Lacerates but fewer movement units) -

    while this forum still wont allow itself to admit, that movement into (golden) weather into hailstorm ABSOLUTELY dominates this game right now - werent it for the completely imba Shani/Stennis combo that everyone else plays right now - because its one card push is so strong, it cant be overcome by anything else in the game.

    Also - please tell me, where I can get myself in one of those reality distortion fields you are part of, and remember that, when I posted the video playing movement/weather/hailstorm was a very rare case - while now its seemingly everywhere, and especially dominant in the pro ladder.


    Also, please stop your "babysitting tips" - that are based on a hunch and a feeling. If I should need them in the future, I make sure to scold myself before ever sinking that low... ;)

    In this case you see a very adept arc from "denial" to "everyone noticing, that it works" to "CDPR leaking that they will modify hailstorm with the next patch" to "people going absolutely mad, because they dont want to loose it as their utility - having spent virtual currancy to copy one of the decks that uses it as a primary win condition".

    My intention was to bring it up to CDPRs attention, and I'm glad to see that that worked.

    Gwent right now is broken (one card that can halve the entire opponents deck strength is run by everyone - people try to play control decks arround it, or the imba shield deck (multi units rush with exponential point values from different engines in long rounds, packing the best finisher in the game - for free.) )


    In short: The actual thing that worked was to give drivers of this deck more chances to "hang themselves" (misplay). Playing (in my case) one gold weather and the neutral mage that can produce carryover, making them "go wild" on their control ambitions, then prey that the havent enough left going into round three. Normal Decks wont be able to do it. You have to at least run gold weather > hailstorm yourself (not as your main win condition, I just noticed gold weather got me better returns than a Coral on average (Coral being the best SK gold right now) (dropped Avalach not Coral, threw in one additional thinning card, dropped the additional artefact compression)), or carry over to get serious position advantage, or hard counters.

    Or play the snowballing shield deck, that doesnt care about positioning - while snowballing. :)

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    posted a message on [Balancing] Gwent is now a one round game. (Weather is back.)

    Cool, an actual argument. ;) (*not coarse at all* ;) ) let me counter it.

    I had one free resurrect in my starting hand. That was "reserved" to get the chain buffed unit out of the graveyard round three.

    Also I buffed all my units to the max of their ability and the only "value lost" was a priestress with no target in round 3. Which always would not have had any target (because I only drew it in round three with no opportunity to mulligan it). So total value lost towards round 3 (at the point I decided to pass round 1) in any case is a hightly doubtable +3 from a buff resurrurection round one, with my ONLY resurrect - in a round I couldnt see myself pushing, because there was attrition damage stacked against me.

    Also - at that point in the game I feared another weather attrition play round 2 - but for the simplicity of the argument, lets not argue the hypothetical meta.

    Also saying that I should have played my only free resurrect against -16 weather damage at that point, with me getting weaker every consecutive round, isnt convincing.

    I dont want to make this an argument about me playing "perfectly" (allthough I played pretty darn well), I just want to confront the people that INSIST, that playing into attrition damage would have been the right thing, because -- of a simple overgeneralisation of how they see that deck played most of the times. If it is not beneficial for me mathematically to do so, and I catch it, stop convincing me, that this was me not knowing what I was doing. Because at that point I am two steps ahead of you, grinding my teeth about how well the whole "whisdom of the crowds" thing works to have people believe that they are actually "helping me out" with arguments that dont add up.

    Dont worry, after that I go silent, I've already seen that CDPR let it slip that they will "tweak" hailstorm. Perhaps thats all that is needed.

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    posted a message on [Balancing] Gwent is now a one round game. (Weather is back.)

    More angry words. Learn to argue on the basis of math.

    "When I saw you pass round one, I knew you'd loose" is outright NONSENSE. I never knew how many freaking people out there think that you play the game based on "rules" fit for a three year old, not looking at circumstances at all. Do the math, or dont, just dont come up with absolute nonsense based on popular opinions of how the game should be played -- regardless of whats the board.

    I can only repeat that many times, that what people are suggesting doesnt make any mathematecal sense, and only counts on trading point value against a vague concept of "opportunity cost" that could have won me the game, if I provoked some "failure" at my opponents end, but not actually conceptualizing, that he has no complicated setup at all, so missplays are unlikely. Either he knows his win condition round three (play HS last) , or he doesnt.

     "Discarding Gremist was a bad move" is Cpt. Hindsight par excellence. "YOU DONT SAY?" But - its a hard thing to characterise as a missplay out of the gate, if I've got my entire combo drawn, all max value cards in hand an Gremist in a normal game would represent 10-13 value (even in this one, because no one can argue, that I should have played into round one more than 3-4 turns - and even that is a false premise), which I have beat with all of my other cards. The discard was wrong in hindsight - though - in fairness, I hadn't seen what winconditions Gwent ist sporting these days (halve your entire opponents deck strenght with your last card round three).

    Also I had my entire combo and the three high value cards for late rounds in hand just for those voices that indicate, that I should have tried to draw even more and even different cards from deck. My inhand value would only have dropped.

    -6 Every round in the first round is a CERTAINTY the longer the round progresses. At first, within the first 3 moves, the minimum dmg my opponent would have gotten for free was probably -10. Not counting the BIJILLLION of movement cards he had in his hand to play. Even on -10 you "cant counter", with the certainty that this gets "worse fast", the longer the first round takes - you cant honestly think that "tempoing" into such a round one would have been an option. Also the math goes. At minimum, -10 after the first three moves,  -16 the following round, -22 the round after - not counting anything he plays. And with NO benefit for me (because I got ALL my buffs of in the game you see, and resurrected ALL possible cards), other than  a vague "opportunity cost" because he'd have to play into round 1 "a little more", with him not having a hard to pull of "combo" at all.

    Again, try to argue, why this would have been a "good move". Not just pick "you know that it wouldnt have been -6 EVERY round" as your excuse, for why your suggestion makes sense. It still doesnt.


    But I have to say, I never knew how many outright copycat nitwhits where making suggestions on "how to play Gwent - REGARDLESS of what your opponent does". So I should play further into round 2, in which my opponent drypassed, because that would give me more value round three? I dont even want to say do your math on this one, because I dont want to ambarress the people that came up with this one...

    I should have played into round one, because it would have give memore value in round 3? Eh? No, it wouldnt. I've gotall of my buffing to trigger, round three, with MORE base value on the board, and only +3 "lost" from not chain buffing one specific unit. Hint, this would have been VERY circumstantial, not counting any of the attrition damage I could have encountered round 1 through gold weather and movement. Counting on that I would have played my only resurrect against weather round one. And HINT; I lost by pretty much 50% of my deck value - not by 3 points.


    I just cant take it, for people to promote the most STUPID of blind play - pinning onto me discards before round one that made sense, considering that all I saw was that my opponent had a dwarf leader, and what I had in hand, playing CAPT HINDSIGHT logic games, suggesting moves that are UTTERLY insane ("why dindt you just jump?") and would have brought me NO ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICAL BENEFIT (but the vague chance, that my opponent "missplayed" by "forcing cards out of him", through tempo that wasn't there, ASSUMING I could have won round 1 at -10, -16, -22  attrition damage, then probably early passed round 2, then competed and won round 3 which was a lost cause (at about equal cards) IN ANY AND EVERY CASE. (Because math.)

    None of this makes sense even in the slightest. And the only reason you are proposing it, is because apparently you think "Gwent decks have to be played like you've seen on youtube, regardless of what is on the board", an because you'd rather stick to believes, than to do actual math. Oh, my I probably should have played more into a round 2 that my opponent dry passed, didn't I?

    I dont need "toddler pilot" advice on how to pilot a deck I played for two days right now, as someone with an IQ of 130 ("bragtastic!"), I need people to not try to hide the elephant in the room here, of how this game was stacked against anyone - if they didnt draw, or discard, a weather clear round one.

    Dont play "knowledge of the masses", do the math. Dont take shortcuts for "2, or 4 damage you know you wouldnt have taken in the the first two rounds" - play out the rounds in your head, lay out to me how there would have been a posibility that the game would have gone differently (excluding the CPT HINDSIGHT Gremist discard, which was the correct play, just considering my hand - and that I had no indication that my opponent played a "brand new win condition deck".)

    Because I'm actually not half bad with logic, I understand, that all you can effectively argue about is, that I could have increased my opponents opportunity cost. But attrition damage was already on the board, and his "combo" consists of ONE CARD, he always has to play last, and 2 or 3 movement cards, at random, he doesnt care what they are - an ability that about 80% of his cards come with or free.

    Try to understand this, before coming up with "strong moves" based on aetherial benefits I would have triggered by playing 11 point cards early to get one more +3 buff.

    Consider for a moment, that you might be wrong, when you cant come up with a single reason for your plays, that make any mathematical sense. Looking at the board, the value in hand, AND the final win condition for my opponent. (I even give you that, CPT HINDSIGHT fans that think that "discarding Gremist was a failure":).

    Also - there is one more hypothetical I want to present you with, because so far all you have done is to ignore all off the facts, and stack hypotheticals against my position. I did run Hailstorm. I did try to draw it. If I had drawn in, I would have won the game. Curious, isnt it? How you all are defending a card that I have in my deck as well but NEED to have nerfed for Gwent not to remain broken.

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