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    posted a message on Homecoming Rank and Progression System Livestream Recap!

    Game looks aesthetically pleasant :3 Hopefully, the gameplay can match if not beat that of mtg and artifact :3

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    posted a message on Full Spectrum, Limited Time Arena Mode Active Now

    This mode is pretty questionable... had a deck full of gold cards MonkaS

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    posted a message on Premium Keg Weekend!

    Well, hearthstone has pseudo RNG, while gwent developers said their's are completely RNG. Difference being there's a pity timer in HS while gwent, there are no such things o;

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    posted a message on Gwent Homecoming, Answers from the Devs

    I understand and respect their approach. It's some down time from investment for greater future returns. I would definitely buy into their stocks with the way they explained their approach o;

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    posted a message on Shupe's Day Off

    Send Shupe to the Ban Aard Academy for Boys.

    01. Draw a card.

    02. Charm a random enemy.

    03. Spawn random Hazards on all enemy rows.

    04. Deal 10 damage to an enemy and 5 to any adjacent to it.

    05. Play a Bronze or Silver special card from your deck.


    Send Shupe to the forests of Dol Blathanna.

    01. Deal 15 damage.

    02. Deal 2 damage to a random enemy. Repeat 8 times.

    03. Replay a Bronze or Silver ally and boost it by 5.

    04. Clear all Hazards from your side and boost allies by 1.

    05. Play a Bronze or Silver unit from your deck.


    Send Shupe to the Imperial Court Military Academy.

    01. Strengthen self to 25.

    02. Resilient,

    03. Duel an enemy.

    04. Reset a unit.

    05. Destroy enemies with less than 4 power.


    Source gwent wiki

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    posted a message on Scoia'tael vs Skellige Faction Challenge with New Rules Now Active!

    requesting 30 wins is a bit much... took me so long to finish this quest T_T I rather it say play 90 matches out );

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    posted a message on Botchling

    I don't think botchling or lubberkin work properly when you summon them through the stones....

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    posted a message on Farseer dragoon interaction?
    Quote from AmozingSpoder >>

    Well because, from what I'm guessing, the melee row procs first so when the dragoon procs first, the farseer will proc if it's on a row below it. Melee procs first, Ranged procs second and siege third. 

     That makes COMPLETE sense! I think this is one of the worst interaction though... seeing as though they should all be proced at the same time in this scenario, but this does add up. I appreciate your response!
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    posted a message on Shupe's Day Off

    Would be cool if we can see all the branches shupe gives when played o;

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    posted a message on Ciri: Nova

    So if we have 1 copy of a bronze in the starting deck, this won't work? o;

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