Developer Live Stream Recap

Today's live stream has ended and the Gwent team has worked insanely hard at the next update to the game. Starting May 24th when the public beta phase starts, the game will also undergo a mountain of changes in all areas.

Below we have summarized most of the important changes coming to Gwent next week. 

List of Changes


  • Premium version of ALL cards in the game
  • New currency: Meteorite Powder
    • Used to upgrade non-Premium cards to Premium
    • You can obtain Meteorite Powder by;
      • Milling Premium cards
      • Level-up, rank-up and end-of-season rewards
      • Purchasing from the store

  • New "Rewards" menu
  • New "Vanity Items" menu
    • Trinkets 
      • A "collection" menu to manage all your unlocked Avatars, Titles and Borders


  • You can now mute your opponent from the game menu
  • Reworked the tutorial into "Challenges"
    • Fundamentals
    • Deck Management
    • 3 Challenges for each leader, in each faction
      • Completing the 3 Leader Challenges will reward you with that leader for your collection
    • Fully voiced
    • Completing all challenges will take around 5 hours of playtime

Cards / Balance

  • New starter decks
    • Every starter deck now starts with 6 Silver cards and 4 Gold cards
  • Removed Faction abilities
    • Some of the faction abilities are now incorporated into units instead
  • Leader cards now spawn a unit of themselves on the board
    • All leaders now have a Strength amount
  • At the beginning of each round (round 2 and 3) you may now Mulligan one card
  • All abilities in the game now have their own keyword
    • Some but not all keywords:
      • Boost: Gain stats (even if it's in your hand or deck)
      • Effort: If you activate the cards ability, this triggers, if you don't it won't
      • Brave: Triggers if you are behind in points when played
  • Almost ALL cards have their description / text changed to include the new keywords and to be more easily understood at a glance.
  • MANY reworked and new cards

Closed Beta Participation Rewards

Once Gwent transitions into the public beta stage, players that participated in the closed beta will receive the following rewards:

  • Every card keg purchased using real money
  • Card kegs for every player level
    • Starting from level 5, you get 2 Kegs every 5 levels.
  • Card kegs for your rank
    • 2 Kegs per rank obtained
  • End of season rewards
  • All items granted as gifts from CD Projekt Red
    • Classic Geralt avatar
    • Pioneer title
    • Premium Geralt card




You can check out the full stream from yesterday on YouTube below



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