Livestream Recap: Balance Changes and More!

Today's livestream has concluded and once again an enormous amount of card changes are planned for the upcoming hotfix that will be released in the coming days.

Apart from changes to cards they've also given us a sneak peak of the new in-game social features that are coming to the game in the future (not with the upcoming patch) as well as two art teasers for upcoming new cards to be introduced in a patch in August.

Additionally, the refund system for changed cards will now also award Meteorite Powder   for Premium cards, but the period in which the full refund is available has been reduced to 3 days from 5.

Lastly, players who are below 1000 MMR will no longer be able to lose any points which will allow for new players to reach the higher rewards a bit easier.

In-Game Chat

Coming to the game in a future update

New art for upcoming cards

New art for cards coming to the game in a future update (August)

Quote from CD Projekt Red


  • Removed the black background when your opponent is in the Mulligan screen
  • When you Mulligan your last card you can now see your last card drawn
  • Henselt / Dagon Challenge no longer have more than three copies of certain cards
  • The bug where PS4 users would get stuck after a patch no longer happens
  • Fixed a bug with Disloyal Agile units for Console players, and they can now correctly be placed on any row

Card Changes

Note: More cards have been changed than are listed here, but those will mostly be changes to their Strength number and no changes to it's effect. Full patch notes will be available once the hotfix is deployed.


  • Biting Frost Now damages one of the Lowest units on the affected row by 2.
  • Impenetrable Fog Now damages one of the Highest units on the affected row by 2.
  • Torrential Rain Now damages up to five of the Lowest units by 1
  • Aeromancy Now play a Bronze or Silver Weather card from your deck, not Graveyard
  • Skellige Storm Damage reduced from 3, 2, 1 to 2, 2, 1
  • Stammelford's Tremors Now damages up to 6 instead of 8
  • Overdose Effect changed to "Boost up to 6 random Allies by 2"
  • Bloodcurdling Roar Bear is now 11 Strength and Doomed (Can;t be revived from the Graveyard)
  • Alzur's Double Cross, Decoy, Marching Orders Now Boosts instead of Strenghtens
  • Olgierd Strength increased to 9. Now weakened by half when Discarded or Destroyed
  • Villentretenmerth Strength increased to 8. His ability now only triggers once.
  • Avallac'h Strength reduced to 8
  • Renew Now only ressurects a Gold unit from your own Graveyard
  • Roach Will now be summoned before the ability from the Gold card is resolved
  • Johnny His ability will no longer activate when your opponent doesn't have the required card
  • Regis: Higher Vampire Now only boosts himself by the base value of the consumed card
  • Operator Strength reduced to 7


Northern Realms

  • Radovid Strength increaed to 5
  • Shani Strength increased to 4. Now gives 4 Armor.
  • Priscilla Now has a counter of 4.
  • Kaedweni Siege Support Now boosts Units by 1 and Machines by 2 + 1 Armor
  • Reinforced Ballista and other similar cards will no longer ignore Armor.
  • Bloody Baron Fixed an issue with Bloody Baron being Boosted by united moved to the Graveyard at the end of the round and will now be moved at the end of the round instead of the start.
  • Dandelion He will now shuffle your deck after his ability



  • Celaeno Harpy Strength changed to 3
  • Caranthir Stregth increased to 7. Now moves 3 enemies instead of 5.
  • Succubus Strength reduced to 5. Now triggers at the end of your own turn.
  • Nithral Strength increased to 7. No longer has Armor. Frost Damage increased to 3.
  • Wild Hunt Hound Strength reduced to 4







  • Clan an Craite Warcrier No longer has Effort
  • Savage Bear Strength increased to 7. Many bugs fixed where he still hit units from the Graveyard or when Locked. Will not hit Spawned units anymore.
  • Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden No longer has the Veteran tag
  • Morkvarg Strength increased to 9. Now weakened by half when Discarded or Destroyed
  • Hjalmar Strength reduced to 13. His ability is now on Lord of Undvik instead, and additionally he is now Doomed. 
  • Clan Tuirseach Axeman Strength increased to 3. No longer has the Veteran tag
  • Berserker Marauder Strength increased to 8. Will now be Strenghtened by each Damaged ally.
  • Kambi Hemdall Strength increased to 16



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