The Gwentlemen Invitational Announced

Team Gwentlemen has announced it is organizing an invitational team league tournament to start July 31st and continuing through August with the finale planned somewhere in the middle of September.

The Gwentlemen Invitational is a team-based event in which teams consisting of 3 players first fight through a swiss playoff series, leading to a top-8 single-elimination bracket.

Games will be played in the Best-of-5 "Challenger" format where teams each bring 4 unique decks and the opponent bans one of them. The three members of a team each play one of the remaining decks.

The prize pool of the event starts at $200 USD to be expanded with donations from players and the community.

There will be a big variety of teams competing in the event. Among them established esport teams like Fade2Karma, country based teams from their local Gwent community such as a French team and teams from other established names in the Gwent community like the Commander's Horn, reddit and Discord teams.



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