Sneak Peak at the New Cards Revealed at ChinaJoy!

CD Projekt Red is currently attending ChinaJoy, the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China.

At the event, visitors had a chance to play some Gwent and it appears that the version of the game was an early build of the upcoming patch expected to arrive in August, including new cards!

Unfortunately we only have some less than ideal images of the cards, courtesy of a user by the name of "KYLOOVE" from Chinese message board Baidu. User "jockeyjoestar" has translated these cards over on reddit, so we can't verify if these are 100% correct.

According to jockeyjoestar all the new cards will be officially revealed tomorrow, but here's an unofficial preview!

Name  Faction, Type   Strength, Row  Text
Dorregaray Neutral, Silver 2 strength, Siege Deploy: spawn Savage Bear,Wyvern,or Griffin
Clan Drummond Skrimshers Skellige, Bronze 8 strength, Ranged Deploy: Discard a Bronze unit from your deck
Assassin Nilfgaard, Bronze 2 strength, Disloyal, Any row Deploy: damage a unit on the left by the unit's base strength
Magni Troop Nilfgaard, Bronze 8 strength, Ranged Deploy: Boost self for each disloyal unit in your hand
Ban Ard Tutor Northern Realms, Bronze 4 strength, Siege Deploy: Choose a bronze spell from your deck to your hand, then shuffle a card to the deck.
Poor Infantry on the flank Northern Realms, Bronze 6 strength, Melee Deploy: Spawn a Left Infantry On The Left and a Right Infantry On The Right






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