CD Projekt Red Reveals New Cards

As we mentioned in our previous post, CD Projekt Red is currently attending ChinaJoy, the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China. Players at the event already had a chance to see most of the new cards, but they've also started to slowly drip feed the English Premium versions on Twitter! You can check the ones revealed so far below and i'll do my best to update this post as fast as possible when they reveal a new one!

These cards are expected to be released in the next major content patch coming to Gwent sometime in August! They've mentioned that around 20 new cards will be added to the game in this patch.


If any Ally or Unit in your Hand or Deck other than a Farseer is Boosted during your turn, Boost self by 2 at the end of the turn.
Clan Drummond Warmonger
Veteran: 1
Deploy: Discard up to 1 Bronze card from your deck.
Whenever Ally with a Deathwish appears (incl. Golds), Boost self by 2. Deploy: Boost self by 2 for each Ally with a Deathwish (incl. Golds).
Ban Ard Tutor
Deploy: Move a Bronze Spell card from your Deck to your Hand, then shuffle a card from your Hand back into your Deck.
Deploy: Spawn a Savage Bear, Wyvern or Griffin.
School of the Wolf: Vesemir
Deploy: Play Eskel and Lambert from your Deck.
School of the Wolf: Lambert
Deploy: Play Eskel and Vesemir from your Deck.
School of the Wolf: Eskel
Deploy: Play Vesemir and Lambert from your Deck.


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