Gwent Developer Live Stream, Update Overview — Monday August 28th

The release of the new patch is coming closer and closer, and as usual by now CD Projekt Red will host another live stream going over all the changes before it's release. Tune in on Monday, August 28th at 9pm CEST on the official CDPR Twitch channel!

The new patch will add 30 new cards to the game as well as include many balance and gameplay changes such as golden cards no longer being immune and carryover units resetting to base power at the start of the next round. We'll have a full rundown of the new patch on GwentDB once the live stream is over!

Reminder that the ranked season ends on Sunday, August 27th at midnight CEST! If you want to join the recently announced Pro Ladder coming with the new patch make sure to hit either rank 20 or 4200 MMR in time!

The new Pro Ladder and season will start on Friday, September 1st, so expect the new patch before then.

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Join us live on Monday, August 28th, at 9PM CEST (12PM PDT) on the CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel:!



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