Developer Live Stream Notes!

Here are our notes taken from tonight's Developer Livestream with all the upcoming changes in the new patch! Check out all the new cards at the bottom of this post!

The new patch will be released "in the coming days" as usual, and the new Ranked Season starts on September 1st.

The full vod of the stream is at the bottom of this post!


There are more changes happening than they mentioned during the stream, official patch notes will be available soon.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

  • Nerfed cards will be available to Mill for full value for 3 days after the Patch is released
  • Friendly Matches are now available for Console players
  • All cards that have multiple illustrations will now position themselves in the correct order of the artwork.

Gameplay Changes

  • Gold cards are no longer immune to damage and card abilities.
    • Reason for this change was to increase interactivity and reduce the "luck factor" of ending up with more Gold cards than your opponent in the last round that had no counterplay at all.
    • There will be several changes to current Golden cards because of this change.
  • Resilient units now have their Strength reduced to base power at the start of the next round, reducing insane carryover capability.
  • The "trio" mechanic is removed from the game

Major Card Changes

Many cards received small changes to their Strength and have received tags, below are only the major changes where an ability is different than before. Full patch notes will be available in the coming days.

  • The existing Eskel, Lambert and Vesemir cards received new art and are now called "School of the Wolf: Eskel" etc. There are three new golden cards called Eskel, Lambert and Vesemir (See below)
  • Multiple new keywords such as "Organic", "Alchemy", "Spell" and things like "an Craite", "Drummond" etc
  • Kambi - No longer has Countdown and is now triggered by Deathwish
  • Birna Bran - Deploy: Apply Skellige Storm to the opposite row
  • Coral - Turn a Bronze or Silver Unit into a Jade Figurine
  • Vabjorn - Deploy: Damage a Unit by 2. If it was already Damaged, Destroy it instead.
  • Donar an Hindar - Toggle a Unit's Loc. Move a Bronze Unit from your opponent's Graveyard to your Graveyard.
  • Skjall - Deploy: Play a random Bronze or Silver Cursed Unit from your Deck.
  • Clan Dimun Pirate Captain - Every turn, at the en of your turn, if this Unit is in your Hand or Deck, Reset it and Boost it by the base Power of the Highest Bronze Unit discarded to your Graveyard during your turn.
  • Restore - Return a Bronze or Silver An Craite, Tuirseach or Dimun Unit from your Graveyard to your Hand and Strengthen it by 2, then play a card from your Hand.
  • Harald the Cripple - Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage the Lowest Enemy on the opposite row by 1 (ignoring Armor).
    Deploy: Damage a random Enemy on the opposite row by 1 (Ignoring Armor). Repeat 4 times.
  • Francesca - Deploy: You may Mulligan a card, but choose any card from your Deck to replace it. If the replacement card is a Unit, Boost it by 3, then Shuffle your Deck.
  • Vrihedd Vanguard - Whenever you Mulligan this Unit, Boost all Elf Allies by 1. Deploy: Boost all other Elf Allies by 1.
  • Ele'yas - Whenever you draw or Mulligan this Unit, Boost it by 2.
  • Saskia - Deploy: Mulligan up to 2 cards in your Hand, but choose any Bronze cards from your Deck to replace them. Then shuffle your Deck.
  • Iorveth - Deploy: Damage an Enemy by 7.
  • Reaver Hunter - Deploy or Bond: Boost all Reaver Hunters in your Hand, Deck and on your side of the Board by 1.
  • Assassination - Damage Enemies by 8 and then 8.
  • Ves - Deploy: You may Mulligan a card. If you have a Soldier or an Officer in your Hand, Mulligan up to 2 cards instead. If you have both, Mulligan up to 3 cards instead.
  • Trollololo - Every turn, at the start of your turn, gain 2 Armor. Deploy: Gain 4 Armor.
  • Treason - Move a Bronze Spying Enemy that has 10 or less Power to the opposite row.
  • Foglet - Whenever you apply Fog to an opposing row, play a Foglet from your Deck on that row on your side. If there are no Foglets in your Deck, Ressurect a Foglet on that row on your side. When all Fog has been cleared from the Board, Destroy all Foglets.
  • Celaeno Harpy - Deploy: Spawn 2 Harpy Eggs to the left of this Unit (Harpy Eggs now Spawn Harpy Hatchlings worth 1 Power)
  • Draug - Deploy: Spawn a Draugir on a random row on the side of each player with at least one Bronze or Silver Card in their Graveyard (See new token here)
    • Draugir (Doomed, Subborn)
      Deploy: Banish a Bronze or Silver card from this side's Graveyard. If it's a Unit, copy its Power as base Power. If it's a Special card, Strengthen self by 4.
  • Stammelford's Tremors - Damage all Units by 1. If any were Destroyed, Spawn an Earth Elemental on your side.
  • Bekker's Twisted Mirror - Damage the Highest Unit by an amount equal to its Power, but no more than 10 (ignoring Armor) and Boost the Lowest other Unit by the same amount.
  • Regis - Deploy: Weaken a Unit by half its base Power (rounding up) and Boost self by half its base Power (rounding down).
  • Yennefer: The Conjurer - Every turn, at the start of your turn, Damage all the Highest Enemies by 1.
    Deathwish: If Destroyed during your opponent's turn, Damage all the Highest Enemies by 2.

New Features, Starter Pack

The new patch will introduce some new social buttons to the main menu, add a profile page for all players which will showcase your favorite card and stats, friendslist, in-game chat and notification center as well as a one-time purchasable Starter Pack containing 400 Meteorite Powder, 10 Kegs and a guaranteed Legendary card!

New Cards!

The new patch will add 30 new collectible cards to the game!

Full Vod



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