Pro Ladder Delayed Until Balance Tweaks

While the regular ranked season has started today, CD Projekt Red just announced they are delaying the activation of the Pro Ladder until making some tweaks to balance and gameplay following the recent patch. The Pro Ladder will start "in the coming days", which means balance changes should happen soon as well.

As usual, they are listening closely to player feedback and aren't afraid to take action quickly! What do you think?

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Dear Gamers,

Following the reveal of GWENT Masters at this year’s gamescom, we announced that the first Pro Ladder season will begin September 1st. At the time, that was the plan. However, after careful consideration, we feel we need some extra time before we’re ready to get this show on the road.

This additional time will allow us to start the Pro Ladder with its rankings immediately reflecting the recently announced change to how your rank will be determined (more information about this is available here), which was previously scheduled to become visible after the season’s start. We also want to follow up the recently released major update with some tweaks to the balance and overall gameplay experience that we feel go a long way to make sure your initial experience in the Pro Ladder will be a great one.

As both developers and gamers, delays are not something we’re looking forward to ourselves, but it won’t be long before you start climbing up the ranks of Pro Ladder. Though we don’t have an exact date for you right now, everything should be up and running in the coming days. When we’re ready, we’ll let you know via the usual channels.




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