Sign Up for the GwentSlam Qualifiers!

Lifecoach is back organizing another Gwent tournament!

GwentSlam will take place on September 23-24, and is an official licenced tournament in the Gwent Masters series with a $10.000 prizepool sponsored by CD Projekt Red and will award Crown Points to the three players that have qualified. (Crown Points can not be awarded to players that were invited directly). Just like GwenTogether it will be held at his house in Vienna, Austria.

There are two qualifier spots available for the tournament that will be decided this Friday and Saturday via the qualifier tournaments hosted via Strifewire right here. And additional qualifier slot is available to the person at the #1 spot on the Pro Ladder on September 17th at 23:59 CEST.

The remaining 5 slots are players invited directly and are GameKing (GwenTogether qualifier), Shaggy (Gwent Open Winner), Swim, TidesOfTime and Meleeman.

If you are looking to join the Gwent competitive scene this is a great opportunity to sign up and show what you're worth and maybe you'll fly to Vienna at the end of the month to bring home some prize money and Crown Points towards the next Gwent Open!

Sign up for the qualifiers here!




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