Developer Live Stream Notes!

Check out our notes taken from tonight's developer live stream! I did my best to catch everything, but might've missed a couple of things. Let me know in the comments and i'll add it to the post!

The Mahakam Ale Festival is the first holiday event in Gwent and will start this week coming with the new patch! The patch will be available in the coming days, as usual!


Quote from CD Projekt Red

Mahakam Ale Festival! 

  • First holiday event coming with the upcoming patch!
  • Lasts 14 days
  • 3 Unique challenges with exclusive rewards
  • Standard and Expert mode


  • Trial of the Glasses
    • Who is the best competitive drinker. Battle between Dwarfs of Mahakan and islanders from Skellige
    • Brouver Hoog vs King Brann (Fully voiced by the leaders!)
    • Same rules as normal multiplayer game but some cards and abilities are changed (exclusive to this mode) as well as entirely new cards exclusive to this mode,
    • Trololo is angry that he was not invited.
  • Battle of the Bards
    • "A Riddle" / Puzzle
    • Totally different set of rules, you will need to meet a certain number of requirements
    • Playing as Dandelion
  • Enter the Tippler


  • Beating the Standard challenges will reward you with Ore, Experience and a unique Avatar!
  • Beating the Expert challenges will reward Meteorite Power, Experience and a unique Border + Title!

Quote from CD Projekt Red


  • You can now change the card in your profile!
  • Can also choose a cardback of your favorite faction instead of a card.


Balance Changes

The biggest change is the addition of agility to 30+ cards in preparation of a big tech change coming at the end of the year which will change a lot of visuals and behaviour of cards allowing them to do more "crazy" things.

  • Merigold's Hailstorm will not affect Golden Cards anymore
  • First Light - Clear Skies now Boost all Damaged Allies under Weather by 1 and clear all weather from your side.
  • Restore - Return a Bronze or Silver Unit from your Graveyard to your Hand and set its base Power to 10, then play a card from your Hand.
  • Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry - Now 7 Strength and Agile and reads Deploy: Remove Armor from a Unit an Boost self by the Armor removed.
  • Prince Stennis now gains 3 points of Armor when played
  • Shani - Now gives 2 Armor
  • Nenneke - Will now only be able to shuffle Units back into your deck

Apart from the above changes there are cards that only received small number changes. Full details will be in the official patch notes in the coming days



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