A Round of Gwent Episode 2: All About Thronebreaker!

Check out episode 2 of A Round of Gwent featuring Pawel and Ash joined by Sebastian McBride and Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz to talk about Gwent Thronebreaker! 


  • The story of the Nilfgaardian invasion during the second Nilfgaardian war
  • Travel the lands and build up your army
  • Familiar and new places from the Witcher universe
  • Takes place before the Witcher games
  • You will find items, currencies and Premium cards
  • Loot system
  • Similar "hand drawn" art style to the story boards during the Witcher 3
  • Different narrator than the Witcher 3, secret for now
  • They are planning on having a single player campaign for all of the factions
  • Plenty of familiar characters from the games and books, but also new characters
  • Choices you make will impact the story and have different outcomes, you will have to replay the story to get the full experience
  • A lot of side quests
  • All the battles will happen as games of Gwent, as well as a lot of puzzle type games of Gwent like the Battle of the Bards in the Mahakam Ale Festival
  • You build and upgrade your camp where you can recruit new units, and equip different gear on your character. Improving the camp gives you access to better cards "units".
  • Since Thronebreaker is single player they can make overpowered and fun cards that would not be possible in multiplayer


A Round of Gwent



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