GwentSlam #2 Results & Top 4 Decklists!

Congratulations to GameKing for winning the second GwentSlam tournament! After finishing in second place twice in a row, during GwenTogether and the previous GwentSlam, he lifted his curse and takes home the trophy as well as 10 Crown Points and $5675 USD in prize money!

Check out the full bracket below as well as the decklists the top 4 players used in the event. Keep in mind that these are tournament decklists where players have the ability to ban one of their opponent's factions.



Metranos ⋆ 3
Tailbot 1
SuperJJ ⋆ 3
Andywand 2
FreddyBabes 3
Adzikov 2
GameKing 3
RandyofCintra 2
Metranos ⋆ 3
SuperJJ ⋆ 2
FreddyBabes 1
GameKing 3
Metranos ⋆ 1
GameKing 3

⋆ = These players were invited to the tournament directly and are not eligible for Crown Points




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