Another 20 New Cards Revealed!

Don't miss the CDPR livestream tonight at 9pm CET where Pawel Burza and Michał Dobrowolski will reveal another 20 new cards from the upcoming Gwent Midwinter update!

Check back here after the stream for all new cards revealed. And, like with the previous batch we will be adding these new ones to the deckbuilder right away for you to start brewing some decks!

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Tune in to tomorrow (Tuesday, December 5th) at 9 PM CET for another short stream with developers, in which @pawelburza and @cesarzbasu will be showcasing 20 more cards coming to GWENT! Which of the already revealed new cards are you most excited about? 😊

New Cards

All the new cards will be available in the GwentDB deckbuilder later tonight!

Cursed, Witcher
Choose One: Spawn a Bronze or Silver Alchemy card; or Spawn a Bronze or Silver Item.
Hubert Rejk
Drain all boosts from units in your deck.
Bedeviled Mage
Mage, Cursed
Look at 2 Bronze Spells or Items from your deck, then play 1.
Infernal Sorceress
Mage, Cursed
If there is a Cursed unit on this unit's row, deal 7 damage.
Xavier Moran
Boost this unit by the starting power of the last Dwarf you played.
Pavko Gale
Play a random Bronze or Silver Item from your deck.
Deal 7 damage to an enemy on a row with less than 3 units.
Brewess: Ritual
Relict, Mage
Resurrect 2 Bronze Deathwish units.
Organic, Special
Choose One: Deal 12 damage to an enemy; or boost an ally by 12.
Alpha Werewolf
Beast, Cursed
Spawn a Wolf on either side if played into Moonlight
Beast, Cursed
Deal 2 damage to each damaged enemy.
Ornamental Sword
Special, Item
Spawn a Skellige Soldier and Strengthen it by 3.
Soldier, Tuirseach
Spawn a Bear.
Yennefer: Tremors
Mage, Aedirn
Spawn the last Bronze or Silver Spell you played.
Slave Driver
Spawn a Bronze unit from your opponent's deck.
Alchemy, Special, Item
Choose One: Heal an Ally and randomly split 5 boost between Allies; or Resurrect a Bronze unit with 5 or less power.
Uma's Curse
Spell, Cursed, Special
Spawn a Gold unit and transform into it.
Truce: Each player draws a unit and sets its power to 1.
Special, Organic
Deal 7 damage to an enemy and move it to the row above. If the row is full, destroy the enemy instead.
Special, Item
Deal damage equal to the base power of a Bronze or Silver unit in your hand.


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