20 New Cards Spawned!

Check out all 20 new cards revealed during today's livestream!

Quote from CD Projekt Red

  • Stats on cards are not final and might see balance changes before release of the patch
  • Next big expansion after the Midwinter Update will focus on Vampires
  • New "Create" keyword that let's you choose from 3 cards selected from your faction and neutral cards (to replace Spawn keyword on some cards)
  • Last dev stream will be during Gwent Challenger where they'll show us all the remaining cards and upcoming changes to Gwent!
  • Shupe's Big Adventure Options:
    • Shupe: Mage - Send Shupe to the Ban Aard Academy for Boys. (4 Pwr)
    • Shupe: Hunter - Send Shupe to the forests of Dol Blathanna. (8 Pwr)
    • Shupe: Knight - Send Shupe to the Imperial Court Military Academy. (12 Pwr)

New Cards

Special, Item
Deal 5 damage and Spawn a Draugir.
Kaedweni Revenant
Cursed, Soldier, Kaedwen
Whenever you play a Spell, Spawn a copy of this unit on a random row. 2 Armor.
Kaedweni Knight
Soldier, Kaedwen
Boost this unit by 5 if played from the deck. 2 Armor.
Iorveth: Meditation
Elf, Officer
Force 2 units to Duel each other.
Pit Trap
Item, Special
Apply a Hazard to an enemy row that deals 3 damage to units on contact.
Crushing Trap
Item, Special
Deal 6 damage to each unit at the end of an enemy row.
Elven Blade
Special, Item
Deal 10 damage to a non-Elf unit.
Whispess: Tribute
Relict, Mage
Play a Bronze or Silver Organic card from your deck.
Deal 4 damage to an enemy. If the enemy is under Moonlight, deal 7 damage instead.
Bridge Troll
Move a Hazard on an enemy row to a different row.
Tordarroch, Support
Heal a Bronze or Silver unit, then boost it by the amount healed.
Clan Corsair
Dimum, Support, Doomed
Resurrect a Bronze Machine.
Dimun, Machine
Deal 1 damage 4 times.
Nilfgaardian Gate
Tactic, Special
Play a Bronze or Silver Officer from your deck.
Play a Bronze Machine from your deck.
Play a random Bronze Soldier from your deck.
Shupe's Big Adventure
Special, Organic
If your starting deck has no duplicates, send Shupe on an adventure.
Special, Item
Choose One: Deal 3 damage to all enemies with odd power; or deal 3 damage to all enemies with even power; or Summon random Bronze or Silver unit.
Black Blood
Alchemy, Special, Item
Choose One: Spawn a Bronze or Silver Necrophage or Vampire; or Destroy a Bronze or Silver Necrophage or Vampire.
Special, Organic
Transform into a random Bronze unit from your faction.




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