Challenger Dev Stream Overview!

At Gwent Challenger, Pawel and Luigi unveiled what is next for Gwent in the upcoming Midwinter Update: Apart from the more than 100 new cards, a new integrated deck-builder/collection system is introduced as well as many new UI tweaks and card VFX

Check out our notes and screenshots below and all 34 cards revealed today underneath.


Quote from CD Projekt Red

  • Public PTR of the new patch will be available to everyone next week!
  • New integrated deck builder / collection system!
  • The new Phoenix card will be the center of an upcoming holiday event
  • Starter decks are reworked
  • No more tripple art cards
  • New Mulligan UI and many other UI tweaks
  • Tons of new card VFX
  • Update: The row limit will be 9 cards

No mention was made of the new game mode yet


New Cards

Foltest's Pride
Damage an enemy by 2 and move it to the row above. Crewed: Repeat its ability.
Sabrina's Specter
Mage, Cursed
Resurrect a Bronze Cursed unit.
Zoria Runestone
Special, Alchemy, Item
Create a Silver Northern Realms card.
Vandergrift's Blade
Special, Item
Choose One: Destroy a Bronze or Silver Cursed enemy; or Deal 9 damage. If the unit was destroyed, Banish it.
Aedirnian Mauler
Soldier, Aedrin
Deal 4 damage to an enemy.
Leader, Elf
Create a Silver special card.
Morana Runestone
Special, Alchemy, Item
Create a Silver Scoia'tael card.
Arachas Queen
Leader, Insectoid
Consume 3 allies and boost self by their power. Immune.
Old Speartip
Deal 2 damage to up to 5 enemies on the opposite row.
Sleeping Giant
Strengthen all your Ogroid units by 1, wherever they are.
Consume a Bronze or Silver unit from either graveyard and boost by its power.
Devana Runestone
Special, Alchemy, Item
Create a Silver Monster card.
Consume an ally, boost self by its power, then become Resilient.
Consume 2 allies and boost self by their power.
Beast, Cursed
Deal 5 damage to an enemy, then deal 1 damage to all enemies under Blood Moon.
Special, Hazard, Boon
Choose One: Apply a Full Moon Boon; or Apply a Blood Moon Hazard
Ice Troll
Duel an enemy. If it is under Frost, deal double damage.
Stribog Runestone
Special, Alchemy, Item
Create a Silver Skellige card.
Clan Marauder
Soldier, An Craite
Deal 4 damage. If Resurrected, deal 6 damage instead.
Leader, Officer
Create any Leader and boost it by 2. Spying.
Dazhbog Runestone
Special, Alchemy, Item
Create a Silver Nilfgaard card.
Henry var Attre
Conceal any number of units. If allies, boost by 2. If enemies, deal 2 damage.
Boost all copies of a Soldier by 2.
Master of Disguise
Soldier, Agent
Conceal 2 cards.
Slave Infantry
Spawn a copy of this unit on your other rows.
Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Draconid.
Relict, Cursed
Choose Two: Boost the Lowest ally by 5; Boost a random unit in your hand by 5; Deal 5 damage to the Highest enemy; Charm an enemy Elf with 5 power or less.
Aguara: True Form
Relict, Cursed
Create a Bronze or Silver Spell.
Dragon's Dream
Special, Item, Alchemy
Apply a Hazard to an enemy row that will explode and deal 4 damage to all units when a different special card is played.
Glorious Hunt
Special, Tactic
If losing, Spawn an Imperial Manticore. If winning, Spawn Manticore Venom.
Special, Spell
Deal 2 damage to up to 10 random enemies.
Special, Tactics
Look at 2 Bronze units in your deck, then play 1.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Additionally these two cards:

  • Golden Froth
    • Neutral, Bronze (Rare)
    • Special, Boon
      • Apply a Boon to an allied row that boosts 2 random units by 1 on turn start.

  • Clan Smuggler
    • 10 STR, Skellige, Bronze (Rare)
    • Soldier, Dimun
      • Return a Bronze unit from your graveyard to your deck.



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