Midwinter Update PTR Now Live!

The PTR for the Midwinter Update i now available! Everyone can download it through the GOG client on PC. The PTR is only available in English for now. Here's how:

Click "More" -> Settings -> Enable Beta Channels -> Select PTR from the Channels dropdown

The PTR overwrites your regular Gwent installation so you might want to back up the Gwent folder first to quickly go back to normal! The Gwent folder is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Gwent\

You also have to disable the 4K Textures DLC if you have it enabled normally, otherwise the game instantly crashes

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Ahead of the Midwinter Update, we’ve launched a Public Test Realm server for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game! The purpose of the PTR server is to present you with new mechanics and let you try out new features, which will be introduced in the Midwinter Update. Community participation is critical to any successful PTR, so if you see any bugs, please do report them to our technical support!

Keep in mind that the number of concurrent players able to access the PTR is limited, so you might not get in right away. When you enter, you will have a full collection of cards and your level will be set to 1. Rewards earned on PTR will not carry over to the main game.

GWENT’s PTR is only available on PC in English. To enter the test realm, you have to be logged in via GOG Galaxy client. Click “MORE” (next to the PLAY button) and choose “Settings”. Switch the Beta Channels to “on” and then choose “PTR channel”. You can start playing right after the new build is downloaded.

We really want to hear your feedback, so please share your suggestions! Be aware that there might be some localization/translation errors in the build — these are, after all, work-in-progress builds that you’ll be testing. Other than that, have fun and thank you for wanting to help!

The devs also released a new video today where they talk more about the new update. Except for a new Daily Quests feature nothing we didn't already find out in the video but still interesting!



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