UPDATE: Monsters vs Nilfgaard Faction Challenge Started!

Another Faction Challenge has started today, this time between Nilfgaard and Monsters!

The faction which has the most total wins during the challenge out of those two will be considered the winner of the challenge. If you also have the most wins with that faction, this time you'll receive a unique faction border (instead of a specific card like last time), and the loser will receive 100 Meteorite Powder.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Side with the mighty Empire of Nilfgaard or bloodthirsty Monsters, compete for dominance over the battlefield over a week of intense skirmishes, and earn rewards!


1. Play and win games across Casual, Ranked and Pro Ladder modes as one of the warring factions: Nilfgaard or Monsters.
2. To be considered a supporter, the challenge win count with the faction you wish to side with needs to be greater than with the other participating faction.
3. If your faction wins the Challenge, you will receive its avatar border. If it loses, you will receive 100 Meteorite Powder.
3. If the faction you supported wins the challenge, you will receive its avatar border and 100 Meteorite Powder. If your faction loses, but you contribute at least 30 wins to that faction throughout the challenge, you will receive the losing faction’s avatar border.

The Challenge will last till January 29th, 2PM CET.


1. You need to win at least 1 game with either side of the Faction Challenge to join the event.
2. Only wins achieved during the challenge (i.e. not your overall career victories) with either Nilfgaard or Monsters count toward your challenge allegiance.
3. Challenge progress is determined by wins against all factions: those participating (Nilfgaard, Monsters) and not participating (Northern Realms, Scoia’tael, Skellige) in the challenge.
4. The number of your wins with factions not participating in the challenge does not affect your challenge allegiance.
5. Playing games via friend challenge does not count.



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