10 New Cards Revealed, Arena Released 28th of February!

Update: Roche: Merciless has been changed from the screenshot shown below. He no longer draws a card and was increased to 6 Power from 5. (source)

Gwent Arena will be released on the 28th of February, alongside 10 new cards revealed during today's CD Projekt Red livestream! There is 1 new card for each faction and 5 neutral cards.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

  • Next time there will be a counter in the game for faction challenge wins
  • Faction Challenge rewards will be instantly unlocked once they are achieved instead of after the event is over
  • Arena comes out 28th of February!
  • No silver spies in Arena!
  • There will be arena events later which change up the rules, for example only 2 factions
  • The new cards are mostly intended for the new Arena mode



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