Gwent Arena Now Available!

The new Arena mode for Gwent is now available! After purchasing an Arena entry you will build your deck out of all available cards in the game, from all factions; each time having a choice between 4 different cards to put into your deck. Today's update also brings with it 10 new cards and various game fixes. There are no balance changes included in this update.

All players that log in before March 7th will receive 3 free Arena entries!

Check out the Patch Notes as well as a trailer and intro to the Arena below:

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Decks in Arena follow their own set of rules, separate from other game modes. When building your army, you can use cards from all playable factions, and as many copies of a single card as you wish. You are able to add a total of 26 cards to your deck (each chosen out of 4 random cards from GWENT’s entire collection), and a Leader.

Arena is all about thinking outside of the box and outsmarting your opponents. The game will end once you win nine games — or lose three. Try your best! The more opponents you defeat, the greater the reward is.

To enter Master Mirror’s realm and participate in Arena, you will need to spend Mirror Shards — a special kind of tickets accepted only by the nefarious Gaunter O’Dimm... Shards are attainable using either real or in-game currency ($1.99 or 150 Ore). If you don’t have any Ore saved up, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! For the Arena launch, till March 7th, all players who log in to GWENT will receive 3 Mirror Shards!

Quote from CD Projekt Red


  • New game mode: Arena


  • New card added: Geralt: Professional
  • New card added: Triss: Telekinesis
  • New card added: Dandelion: Poet
  • New card added: Dandelion: Vainglory
  • New card added: Ihuarraquax


  • New card added: Imlerith: Sabbath


  • New card added: Cerys: Fearless


  • New card added: Roche: Merciless


  • New card added: Morenn: Forest Child


  • New card added: Yennefer: Necromancer


  • Fixed the issue whereby Impera Enforcers would deal damage more than once in combination with Emissary.
  • Fixed the issue whereby the power of Summoned and transformed units would not display.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Kaedweni Revenant would trigger its ability on the side of the player who Charmed it with Muzzle.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Derran boosts when Ronvid the Incessant is Resurrected for the first time.
  • It should no longer be possible to return a boosted unit with 0 base power to hand.
  • Fixed VFX and SFX for Monster Nest.
  • Added informational pop-up about GOG Galaxy Overlay being necessary for Starter Pack purchase.
  • First Light added to player's hand in The Elder Race Alliance Challenge.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Cerys an Craite triggers only once when Discarded by Bran Tuirseach and the second and third Discarded units are Resurrected immediately after entering the graveyard.
  • Several tooltip fixes and improvements.



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