Season of the Elves Has Started, Gwent Roadmap Next Week!

The new Ranked Play season has started today! This month no balance changes or new cards to go along with it, but Pawel has revealed on Twitter that an announcement is coming next week with a roadmap of future plans for Gwent!

Check out this month's rewards below:

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Zyvik once told Ciri: “We were ordered to round them up, but how do you catch an elf? It's like trying to catch the wind.” And thus said, we would like to introduce the new ranked season- Season of the Elves!

Quote from Pawel Burza

I am aware that the majority was expecting a balance patch this season, please bear with us and expect an announcement coming next week, where will update you on the roadmap for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.



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