Scrap Refund for Duplicate Leaders, Online Profiles

Free stuff alert! CD Projekt Red is distributing free Scraps for players that obtained duplicate leaders from challenges!

Also announced today are online player profiles. Your in-game player profile and collection progress is now also available on after logging in with your GOG account. You may choose to make your profile public or private.

Quote from @CDPRED_Support

We're distributing the scrap difference for duplicate leaders obtained from challenges after faction challenges' redesign in Patch 4 to everyone affected or who may become affected in the future. Applies to duplicate Bran, Harald, Francesca, Eredin, Emhyr (600 scraps each).
They are added to relevant account's scrap balance. There's no notification in-game.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Until now, your player profile was only accessible within the game client. We wanted to change this so, we would like to introduce new feature on our website - shareable player profiles!

Similar to the functionality in the game, after logging in on the website you can check your statistics such as your rank, the Ranked Ladder and Pro Ladder MMRs, cards collection progression and more!

Additionally, you are able to share your results with friends on Facebook and Twitter!



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