Gwent Homecoming, Answers from the Devs

Yesterday CD Projekt Red announced Gwent Homecoming, a plan to refocus and rework the game. Work that started internally a couple months ago, and will not be finished until 6 months from now. A plan which will ultimately deliver a much better game for us to enjoy, while leaving everyone with a pretty significant content drought in the interim.

Product Director Rafal Jaki and Pawel Burza joined the community on Reddit and Twitter to share some thoughts about their plans as well as some reassurances for players and we've collected them below for easy digestion:

How are you feeling about the news after having had the time to let it all sink in?

Quote from Rafal Jaki


An insight on progress and changes would indeed be very needed... but then again, if they go through the early phases while testing stuff which won't make it into final release, that could be seen badly. They are in a tough spot on this one. I admire the risk they are taking here... the road ahead is not gonna be an easy one.
The plan is to show as much as possible - but of course in a state that is close to final so it will take some time.

Nobody say show, but INFORM. Like crokey said, four+six months of nothing is huge for a game that NEEDS to be updated regularly.
We want to do both

'We’ll change the main menus and in-game shop' I swear to god, don't you dare remove Shupe!
No plans for that - we will give him more space to smash smash

Didn't expect that but I'm excited to see what is coming in the next 6 months. Glad that row identity, faction identity, dark theme of witcher universe, board changes will be back and finally fantastic campaign thronebreaker. One question Do we get PTR in later term before full release of the project?
Yes we do plan to PTRs and show progress as we go to the Homecoming finish line

Il thronebreaker really release in six months ? We will see some trailer or gameplay soon about it ?
That is the plan - we will show progress on both HC and TB.

Wouldnt it be better for partial game updates instead of one huge?
If we release partial updates we cannot deliver all of the things we mentioned in the Homecoming + TB. Many core things will change both on the mechanical side and the visual side and they have to fit together well. Releasing them in chunks means each time we have extensive QA period (2+ weeks) + deployment and doing a new build plus console certification. It eats up a significant amount of manpower and we decided we want to have everything ready for release.

So are we going to lose all our cards when the transition is complete?? Even though we are getting the scrap refund for all the cards I don't really like that....
You will not lose the cards you own but some of them might change significantly so you will be able to mill them for full value for a limited time. We thought that is the fairest approach.

6 months starting now?
Yes - 6 months from now.


Yeah, umm. The game being in such a stale state currently, and having no immediate changes till next month, and no new cards apparently? This is straight up going to kill the game.
We understand that it a risk but we want to take chance to deliver something better after we finish the Homecoming plan.

You won’t have anybody left to play the plan you have created. Imagine the game 5 months from now even after the stale meta we have currently. Not having ANYTHING for almost 8 months in a card game, death sentence. At the very least drop some card batches each season.
We strongly believe that if after HC and TB we will have a significantly better game ppl that liked it before will at least try it out and we can get a critical mass to get new people interested.

Does this mean every card will get a new ability? Also, any chance for monthly dev diaries for updating the players on your progress?
A big portion of the cards will be at least looked at (with new things like preferred row and bringing back the faction identity). We plan to update the community on the progress of Homecoming

Quote from Pawel Burza


We still will be doing standard season transitions and events like Faction Challenges or Warped Arena rulesets. We need 6 months of fully-focused development to deliver what we planned - this is crucial in order to move forward.

I hope Gwent will finally get rid of the comic style mixed with extremely realistic and dark art
We know ;-)


I understand the reactions about Homecoming, but the team needs uninterrupted time to make something truly awesome.

Premium keg weekend will most likely happen next weekend, so no worries.



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