Play of the Month & New Homecoming Info to Come mid-July!

Pawel shared a message on the CDPR forums today announcing the first info about Homecoming to come around half way through next month! "After E3" can certainly be interpreted any way they see fit so for info to drop this early is actually kind of a surprise to me. Can't wait to see what they'll share!

Quote from Pawel Burza

We’ve been quiet for quite some time and I know everyone is expecting some information regarding project Homecoming. We promised that we’ll be showing something after E3 and we will, we just need a bit more time. The team is working really hard to deliver a new and improved version of GWENT!

Expect fresh leeks mid July!

Thank you for your patience!

PaweĊ‚ Burza
GWENT Community Manager

Another Play of the Month video has come out today as well, check it out below:



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