Monsters Win Faction Challenge, Season of the Draconic

The Faction Challenge between Monsters and Scoia'tael has ended with Monsters winning by a small margin. 53% versus 47%! I've contacted CDPR for clarification and an apology how this could have possibly happened and waiting for a response. Faction Premium Keg week will start on wednesday.

A new Ranked Season has also started today, so if you are planning to open your Kegs now instead of waiting for Homecoming i recommend waiting until tomorrow when the Premium Keg Week starts.

Quote from CD Projekt Red

Saskia is known to the people of the North by many monikers: the Dragonslayer, the Virgin of Aedirn, the People's Hope. Few know, however, that under this guise of a valiant warrior fighting for the cause of racial coexistence hides a dragon by the name of Saesenthessis.

Now you have a chance to join her ranks – Season of the Draconid has started!

Here are the fiery rewards you will be able to earn this month:



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