New Thronebreaker Logo Revealed!

After a long awaited first look into CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 yesterday, today we're finally being treated to a small glimpse into something Homecoming related; The redesigned logo for Gwent's first single player content Thronebreaker!

You'll immediately notice there is a striking difference between the re-imagined one compared to the old logo (pictured on the right). To begin, the logo is much more realistic and dark as well as no longer featuring 'Gwent' as a part of it. Also new is a a banner with 'The Witcher Tales' underneath, which immediately makes it clear that Thronebreaker is only the first story in a series of Witcher Tales.

Another new piece of information is that Thronebreaker will be released as a standalone game, alongside the release of Gwent Homecoming. Players will be able to buy and play Thronebreaker without having to download Gwent. We can assume they have made this decision to give Thronebreaker a higher chance of success. As far as we know the gameplay has not changed from what has been shown before, and will still contain a lot of Gwent as a part of it.

They've promised to make Gwent more realistic and dark, and this logo certainly seems to go in that direction. More Homecoming info is expected to be revealed later this week, either before or at the Gwent Challenger tournament happening this upcoming weekend!

Let us know what you think!

New Thronebreaker logo as shown in CD Projekt's half-year financial report


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