Update on Homecoming Card Refunds

Pawel has given an update today on the full value refunds players will receive once Homecoming is released. Instead of refunding players with Scraps and Meteorite Powder for Premium cards, they will instead simply grant the full amount of Scraps. This means that for each Premium (golden) card you own, you'll receive 1600 Scraps. With this amount, you'll be able to craft a new Premium golden card, or two regular golden cards.

See the table below for a full rundown of the amount of Scraps you'll receive for all types of cards.

Once Homecoming goes live, all your currently owned cards (including all duplicates) will be automatically milled for their full crafting cost. You will also keep your current resources and all unopened Kegs.

As a reminder, to get the most out of the transition we recommend not milling any cards whatsoever until Homecoming, and to only open Kegs while there is an active promotion such as a Premium Keg Weekend. We do recommend opening all your Kegs before.

Quote from Pawel Burza

Update: after discussions with the team will be giving full scrap (only scraps) value for the cards we mill with the launch of Homecoming.

Type Scrap Refund
Premium Gold 1600  
Gold 800  
Premium Silver 800  
Silver 200  
Premium Bronze (Rare) 400  
Bronze (Rare) 80  
Premium Bronze (Common) 200  
Bronze (Common) 30  


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