Thronebreaker Livestream Recap!


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  • Thronebreaker started off as a single-player campaign for Gwent, but it grew so big they've decided to make it a full single-player standalone RPG.
  • They had to reinvent how to show and interract with the world compared to the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Part of the inspiration for the game includes old school titles like Baldur's Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic
  • Thronebreaker grew to be over 30 hours of gameplay and over 200 custom made cards.
  • In single-player the cards can be completely unbalanced compared to the multiplayer Gwent
  • They've recorded more voice lines for Thronebreaker than for the Hearts of Stone expansion for the Witcher 3
  • Fully localized in 12 languages, more than the Witcher 3
  • Instead of going through the world as a lone Witcher, Thronebreaker is the opposite and you play as the ruler of a large army with her choices influencing not only her but the entire army.
  • There are lasting consequences to some of the decisions you will make in the game.
  • The map shown in the screenshots below is one of five maps in the game. One of which is Mahakam, the Dwarven Kingdom. Drawn in different styles.
  • Multiple different board design for locations in the game
  • You can "equip" different weapons for Meve and this changes her Leader ability.
  • You will have to keep an eye on Morale. Low Morale will cause your units to have decreased stats, High Morale will buff them.
  • Exclusive to Thronebreaker, you can equip a Trophy and Trinkets in your deck providing persistent buffs and effects to your units
  • Both Thronebreaker and Gwent deck building has changed, with a fixed deck size of 25 cards, a limit of two of each Bronze card and no limit to the amount of Gold cards, however..
  • Each card now has a provision cost to put in your deck, and each deck has a maximum amount it can support, limiting the power of decks.
  • Regular Silver cards are no longer in the game, instead the Leader cards use the silver border.
  • Leaders are no longer cards played directly on the board.
  • In Thronebreaker, you can increase the maximum provision amount through building and upgrading buildings in your base camp
  • Collect Gold, Wood and Recruits as resources to spend on unlocking cards and buildings.
  • The characters have rich backstories, learn about them and unlock better versions of their cards.
  • Thee difficulties: Story Mode, Normal and Hard
  • New abilities in Thronebreaker and Gwent
    • Range. For example, a card with Range: 2, placed on your Ranged row, will only be able to target your own and the opponent's melee row. A range of two rows.
    • Loyal, ability which will automatically activate when using your Leader ability.
    • Order, card abilities that can be activated at will while they are on the board, separate and in addition to playing cards from your hand. Sometimes on a cooldown timer.
  • The noticeboard is back, clicking on one will populate the map with new quests and activities.




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