Homecoming Open PTR Now Available!

Open PTR for Gwent Homecoming is now available from October 5th until October 9th! Visit playgwent.com/open-ptr to sign up!

The big changes coming with Gwent Homecoming in a row:


  • Massive UI and game design overhaul
  • Loads of new cards!


  • The anticipated coin flip fix: The player on the Blue coin (going first) will start with an Immune Artifact called Tactical Advantage on the board with the ability to boost an allied unit by 5.
  • The player going first will also be starting with an additional Mulligan charge.
  • Leaders are no longer cards played on the board, and they are now an interactive 3D model on the side of the board.
  • Some leaders are single use, some leaders have abilities with cooldowns and some leaders have passive abilities.
  • There are now only 2 rows for each player
  • You can now only have a maximum of 10 cards in your hand. Any cards drawn while at this limit will be lost
  • Your turn no longer automatically ends and you'll need to press the end turn button to do so instead
  • You can still only use a single card per turn, but you're free to use as many Order abilities on cards already on the board.

Some of the new Keywords

  • Order: an ability that is manually triggered, often with a cooldown associated with it
  • Range: a card with Range: 1 will only be able to target something in the row above it
  • Thrive: a Unit with Thrive will boost itself by 1 each time a stronger Unit than itself is played
  • Deploy: Triggers when the card is played
  • Charges: Many Order cards have limited charges, but will be able to gain new ones in different ways
  • Zeal: A card with Zeal can trigger it's Order ability immediately the turn it is played


  • You are limited to using 2 of each Bronze card instead of 3, and still only one of each Gold card
  • There is no hard limit to the total amount of Gold cards you can put in a deck, however...
  • A new Provisions system is introduced, limiting the power of decks. Each deck can only use a limited number of Provisions, and each card has it's own "cost" depending on it's power level. A deck consisting of 25 Gold cards would not be possible, because it far exceeds the Provisions limit. But some gold cards might be cheaper than others, enabling you to use more of them in certain decks
  • There are no longer any Silver cards
  • Leaders are no longer cards played on the board, and their only stat alongside their ability are the "Mulligan Charges" which indicate how many cards you will be able to mulligan when using that Leader
  • Leader cards now use a teal colored border
  • Artifacts are a new card type. These are cards without stats like spells, but instead they are played on the board
  • Artifacts usually come with an Order ability, Passive aura or Ambush.

And too many more changes to list!



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