Homecoming Rank and Progression System Livestream Recap!


Player Profiles

  • Your player profile now has multiple tabs, showing different types of information
  • Your card collection summary is now divided by the different expansions


  • 8 categories of achievements
  • You can earn a around 660 total achievements
  • 81 for Thronebreaker
  • EVERY achievement has a reward!
  • You can pin up to 3 achievements to your player profile
  • You can track up to 5 achievements, which will then slide into the game window when you make progress towards it


  • Level cap has moved from 100 to 60
  • Once you are level 60 you can Prestige back to level 1 and gain a permanent game bonus
  • These bonuses range from permanently better Kegs, daily resources etc (full rewards list in screenshots below)
  • You can Prestige a total of 10 times
  • Leveling up is faster than it used to be
  • Your previous level carries over. If you were level 100, you will start at Level 40, Prestige 1 (60 + 40 = 100)

Ranked 2.0

  • 30 total ranks
  • Instead of ranking by MMR, you now simply rank by collecting 5 pieces for each rank.
  • Win streaks gain you more pieces
  • Rank 30 to 26 you won't be able to lose a piece by losing a game
  • Rank 25 to 15 you can only lose a piece by losing two games in a row
  • Starting at Rank 25, you will have access to Faction MMR showing you how well you perform with each faction

Pro Ladder

  • As we know it is going away
  • Once you reach "Rank 0" you will be in Pro Ladder instead, playing against other players of that rank
  • When you enter the Pro Ladder, you will always start "in the middle of the pack"
  • A certain number (unknown) of players will remain in the Pro Ladder the following month, the rest of the players will be moved out and has to win more games to get back in.

Reward Book

  • Instead of pre-defined rewards for playing, you will now unlock Reward Points.
  • With these points, you can go into the Reward Book and choose which rewards you want to unlock
  • Each faction and each Leader has their own rewards tree you'll move through
  • Rewards include faction specific Kegs, Ore, Powder and Lore pieces
  • The final reward in each Leader tree unlocks a new 3D skin for that Leader!


  • Drastically improved shop
  • Now sells different types of bundles, packs and other content
  • Shoop can now open multiple Kegs at once for you instead of having to go through them slowly!





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