China Press Meeting, New Info About the Future of Gwent

China Press Meeting, New Info About the Future of Gwent

Gaea, the company that CD Projekt Red partnered with to bring Gwent to China recently held a small press event and revealed some interesting information about what is in store for Gwent. Thanks to /u/hythl0day over on reddit for translating!

  • The next big content patch is expected to arrive near the end of December. It includes Ranked Mode, Leaderboards, 20 new cards and several new Premium cards.
  • Premium cards will be craftable and cost double the amount their normal counterpart does.
  • There will be some kind of reward even when you lose a game.
  • There will be a leaderboard for each region as well as a global one.
  • It will be announced at a later date when the new faction, Nilfgaard Empire will be revealed.
  • Nilfgaard Empire has very strong spy cards in The Witcher 3, however it is unbalanced so cannot be directly translated into Gwent and will be redesigned. It's flavor will be presented in the form of revealing the opponent's cards in their hand, and other cards that are synergistic with this mechanic.
  • Another emphasis of Nilfgaard Empire will be the importance of their leader. There will be a card to re-activate your leader card.
  • New leaders will come sooner than factions.
  • After the game has been released there will be at least two new leaders for each faction.
  • Queen Meve will be in the first Campaign Mode. She will be a new leader card that you get as a reward and can be used in constructed.
  • Besides expansions and the campaign as DLC, 20 new cards will be released at the beginning of every competitive season.
  • Each competitive season will last two months.
  • The first season is expected to be a bit shorter and function more as a test for the system.
  • There are currently more than 200 cards. By the time the game is officially released it is expected to have more than 400 and reach 500 by the end of 2017.
  • Spectator mode will be introduced "soon".
  • Apart from spectating your friends, you will also be able to watch top players play together with other people. However the specifics of this have not been decided.
  • Spectator mode will be released at least before the game is officially released.
  • Players will also be able to review their own gameplay in some form.
  • CD Projekt Red will consider the possibility of set rotation if balance is otherwise too hard to achieve, but for now they don't have to worry about that.




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