Commander’s Horn: Live in 2017

Commander’s Horn: Live in 2017

After a holiday break the guys from the Commander's Horn podcast are back with a new episode. This week discussing exploit / bug abuse, december beta brawl championship, the mmr grind and upcoming competitive events!

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Happy New Year! There are high expectations for Gwent in 2017. Join McBeard and Greyboxer as they muse on the future of Gwent, look forward to more competitive events, and discuss dwarves and Scoia’Tael.


    1. Exploits/Bug Abuse:
      Our support team has actually issued bans to indviduals who have been exploiting recent issues. My note regarding the MMR is because the names of those abusing issues are still at their current location as their ratings have not been edited yet. This will happen in the near future. As obviously we can't just leave people with a high rating for abusing exploits (we're talking about purposeful abusive behavior not accidents in these cases).
    2. December Beta Brawl Championships:
      • 1st Place: Back2Kill
      • 2nd Place: RandyofCintra
      • 3rd Place: Greyboxer
    3. The MMR Grind
      • Climbing is slower than developers intended.
    4. Upcoming Competitive:

Greyboxer’s December Beta Brawl “Championship Dwarves”

Championship Dwarves
Bronze (15) Silver (6) Gold (4)
Scrap Cost: 5890

Scoia’Tael Cycle (submitted by Nub of

Nub's Scoia'Tael Cycle
Bronze (15) Silver (6) Gold (4)
Scrap Cost: 5910


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Dane can be found @McBeardCH on Twitter, McBeard on YouTube, and mcbearded on Twitch.
Josh can be found @GreyboxerGwent on Twitter, and greyboxer on Twitch.





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