Commander’s Horn 30: Dirty Thirty

Commander’s Horn 30: Dirty Thirty

Welcome to Commander’s Horn, Episode 30, Hosted by Dane “McBeard” and Josh “Greyboxer”.

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The positioning patch is live for all to play, just in time for this past weekend’s Gwentlemen’s Open tournament. Lots to change, see and adapt to in a short amount of time, and we talk all about where each faction stands.

Commander’s Horn will be live this weekend – Saturday, April 1st @ 3pm EST. Let’s get together, talk about the best decks in the game, take questions from the chat, and play a few games for you as well. It’s live, so anything can happen!

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The Gwentleman’s Open March Finals:

McBeard’s Spider Party (Monster Truck Monday Deck):

McBeard's Vran Meal Plan
Bronze (15) Silver (5) Gold (5)
Scrap Cost: 5040


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