New player's beta feedback, part 2: Take it slow, buddy!

  • Greetings, I am Mister Scallywag, and I would like to bring up a point that has been mentioned before, but I think it applies to more than just event cards: How hasty this game can be.

    Game pacing is an important element of how a game feels. Video game developers need to craft their UIs with great care to make sure the game feels good to use, even if the UI is entirely peripheral. And so far, GWENT is doing rather well, except for its hastiness. The game sometimes deals with everything so quickly that I have trouble understanding what just happened. This is especially true with event cards. As other players have mentioned before, it is nigh impossible to see which event cards your opponent plays without looking at the turn history or their discard pile. Sure, once you know all cards and what the current meta is like, this is not tht much of an issue, but for new players, this is confusing.

    The real reason why I bring this up though is because I think something similar can be seen in other parts of the game. For example, if I play a Scoia'tel deck and finish doing my mulligan after my opponent does, I am be presented with my faction ability's prompt before I get to see what I got from my final redraw. This lack of information may in some cases prevent me from making an informed desicion. Other times, when my opponent concedes, I am presented with the result-screen immediately. Imagine playing a round and - BAM! You win. Just like that. That's not a huge problem, but it is irritating.

    I understand that you may try to avoid making your game too sluggish, but I urge you: Please, slow down a bit. Take the time to communicate everything that happens. It will make the game much smoother.
  • We have some UI changes scheduled for next updates.