Let's talk about mulligans in public beta

  • So if I understood correctly from the stream in public beta you will be able to redraw 1 card before every round. However, that includes 1st round too. Which will bring more problems than it will solve.

    For instance, I play monster weather deck and I draw Foglets out of my deck through Fog effect. Now if I drew 3 of them for the starting hand and could only discard 1 that would mean that I'll have 1-2 dead cards in my hand for the rest of the game. Same logic applies with Wild Hunt Riders, Crones, Witchers and etc.

    Imho, 1 card redraw for 1st round is too much RNG and will completely kill off these deck thinning cards.
  • Mulligan in the first round has not changed - you will be able to redraw 3 cards. What we are adding is additional mulligan at the beginning of the second and third round (1 card each).