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  • Originally posted by pl91 View Post
    allright so here is my question.with the mulligan eveery round thing introduced in the open beta,playing situational cards like ciri which lose usefulness after a specific point in the game,comes with almost 0% risk.which makes the deck building more like use the best cards in the game not caring if they are situational,than think if the pluses of that card are worth the risk of including it in your deck,and having it be a dead card in your hand.

    what was the thought process behind this,and are they worried at all about it?
    Additional mulligan in the second and third round was introduced in order to minimize the RNG so that the outcome of the match is not affected by drawing one “bad” card. Now players have greater choice and a possibility of replacing a card instead of keeping it as a must.

    Originally posted by Iuliandrei View Post
    When will we get the first campaign?

    And will it be free or purchasable? if the latter can we also use in-game gold?
    We plan on adding single player campaigns when the game comes out of beta, we will share all the details then.