PS4/PC account synchronization

  • From the official FAQ:

    Do you support cross-play / cross-buy, i.e. purchasing items on platform A and using them on platform B / playing with gamers on other platforms?

    CROSS-PLAY: We can confirm cross-play between Xbox One & PC, and PlayStation 4 & PC. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cross-play is not possible.

    CROSS-BUY: When GWENT launches on Windows 10 as an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application, the account between UWP and Xbox One will be shared. That means progress and cards are shared between both platforms. Otherwise, every platform is independant and your progress will not be synchronized if you switch platforms.
  • Progress and cards are not shared between platforms. All rewards for playing in the Closed Beta will be given to the platform you were playing on. This means you should receive your kegs on your PC version. It is not possible to transfer the kegs to the PS4.
  • Yes, that's correct.