Ranked Update

  • With ranked play, it’s always been our intention to provide gamers with a sense of fun and rewarding progression throughout each season.

    The recent changes we did were very important first steps towards making the highest ranks feel competitive and less prone to swings in day-to-day performance. Some players felt this was very harsh, but for the highest ranks we feel it is important they remain competitive and a testament to the skill and dedication of our top players.

    However, our perception of what are considered high ranks has proven quite different for some of you. That is why today we have launched changes to how ranked play progression works in order to make our ranking system feel more rewarding and fun.

    From now on, below the 1000 ranking point mark you no longer lose points if you are defeated in a game. This and further changes beyond it make the overall progression in ranked play feel much faster than before. It will however gradually slow down. This is due to how we are regulating the ranking points inflation caused by players losing less for defeat than they gain for winning, but also because you start to face tougher opponents.
  • We are aware of the issue connected to ranked play and are currently looking for a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Should be resolved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.