Discard Buffs Don't Always Work

  • I just lost a game because my SK Pirate Captains didn't get the buff from a discarded card, and it's not the first time it happened.

    So far, it happened twice with Svanrige, when I discarded the drawn card--no buff.
    Once with Ermion when I discarded one of the drawn cards--only buff for the other discarded card.
    Once didn't get the buff when Donar an Hindar discarded a Special Card from enemy deck.

    From my experience with this bug so far, it might be connected to the game not recognising a drawn and then discarded card as Discard, same when Donar discards a special card instead of a unit.

    Anyone else have had this happening (in the same/other circumstances)?
  • Clan Dimun Pirate Captian boosts self by 1 whenever a Unit is Discarded to your Graveyard.
    Discarding Special Cards won't buff him.