All you need to know about GWENT Masters

  • Welcome to GWENT Masters — the official esports series of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. Organized by CD PROJEKT RED, GWENT Masters offers a brand new way to play the game and invites gamers from around the world to compete for the title of the first ever GWENT World Champion.

    Participation in GWENT Masters is free and anyone with access to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can join in, provided they are aged 18 or over. Participants aged between 13 and 17 must ask their parent or guardian to review and approve the official rules and regulation of GWENT Masters (available here) on their behalf.

    Ready to become a GWENT Master? Here’s what you need to know to get started!


    The Pro Ladder is a new, season-based competitive mode that lies at the very core of GWENT Masters. It is the entry point for players wishing to join the world of GWENT esports.

    Pro Ladder mode becomes available once a player reaches Rank 21 — the highest achievable rank in the game’s standard Ranked Play. Once you’re there, an option to play the Pro Ladder will become available on the Ranked Play tile in the main menu. Should a player reach Rank 21 during a currently running season, the option to compete in the Pro Ladder will become available to them with the start of the next season.

    In the Pro Ladder, player skill and ranking is determined using a separate Matchmaking Rating (or MMR for short), which is earned for winning games and deduced for losing. To remain competitive throughout each season, players need to actively participate in the Pro Ladder, and vary the factions and deck types they use. This is because a player’s overall MMR is the sum of MMR for their 4 best performing (giving most points) factions during the season.

    Each game played with a faction unlocks 1% of its fMMR. To unlock 100% of a faction’s fMMR, a player needs to complete at least 100 games with that faction. Similarly, playing 50 games will only unlock 50%, and so on. You cannot unlock more than 100% of a faction’s fMMR. For an example of how the system works, see the table below:

    Here, the overall MMR sums up to 4100. This number, which is updated after every game, determines a player’s standing on the Pro Ladder.

    Each Pro Ladder season lasts 2 calendar months. At the end of each one, the top 200 players are rewarded with Crown Points (see the Crown Points section for a detailed explanation of what Crown Points are).

    The Pro Ladder rankings are global and take into account players participating in the Pro Ladder across all regions GWENT is currently available in. After a season ends, all MMRs are reset. 10% of players with the lowest MMR at the end of a season, as well as those who haven’t played at least 10 games lose the ability to play on the Pro Ladder. They will need to once again reach Rank 21 in Ranked Play to rejoin.

    Players can check their Pro Ladder ranking, as well as a faction-by-faction breakdown of their MMR at any time on the Rankings page.


    Throughout GWENT Masters, players will be competing for Crown Points. They are used to reward the best GWENT players for their achievements during GWENT Masters, as well as determine participants of the official GWENT tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED.

    Players will receive Crown Points for placing in:
      the top 200 of the Pro Ladder at the end of each season official GWENT tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED licensed GWENT tournaments not organized by CD PROJEKT RED

    Similarly to the Pro Ladder rankings, players can check how many Crown Points they have at any time on the Rankings page.

    Specific numbers of Crown Points awarded for achievements during GWENT Masters are available in the Pro Ladder, as well as the CD PROJEKT RED and Licensed tournaments sections. You can also refer to the official rules and regulation document of the GWENT Masters series found here.


    GWENT Masters plays host three types of tournaments: community-powered ones, licensed, and official tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED.


    Organized exclusively by CD PROJEKT RED, official tournaments of the GWENT Masters series will each see 8 players competing for prize pools ranging from 25 000 US dollars, up to 250 000 US dollars. Placing will also award players with Crown Points. These tournaments are always held on-site in various locations around the world, with a total of 13 events set to take place in the first ever GWENT Masters series. Official tournaments are divided into three tiers: Open, Challenger, and World Masters. Each one uses its own Crown Points ranking which resets after an event of that particular tier finishes.


    GWENT Open is the entry level tier of official GWENT Masters tournaments. Each GWENT Open event will see a total of 8 players with the the most Crown Points at the end of the Pro Ladder season (2 calendar months).

    There will be a total of 8 GWENT Open events during a GWENT Masters series, with each one offering a 25 000 US dollars prize pool, as well as a guaranteed spot in the upcoming GWENT Challenger event for the two finalists. All participants will also receive Crown Points for placing.


    GWENT Challenger is the second tier of official GWENT Masters tournaments. These events will take place every two Pro Ladder seasons (4 calendar months). Each one will feature a total of 8 competitors battling it out for the Challenger winner’s ring and piece of a 100 000 US dollar prize pool, 3 of whom will be:
      the winner of the previous Challenger 2 Wild Card players, invited to the tournament by CD PROJEKT RED

    The rest of the Challenger participants will come from among:
      up to 4 finalists of 2 GWENT OPEN tournaments held prior to a Challenger event up to 3 players with the most Crown Points accumulated over the course of the two Pro Ladder seasons leading up the Challenger

    There will be a total of 4 GWENT Challenger tournaments in the GWENT Masters series. Participating in a Challenger tournament will also earn players Crown Points for placing.


    The series will conclude with GWENT World Masters — the third and final tier of official tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED. A total of 8 players will compete in this grand finale tournament from among:
      up to 5 winners of previous Challenger events up to 7 players with the most Crown Points in the Pro Ladder accumulated over the seasons leading up to GWENT World Masters.

    The stakes will be high, with a 250 000 US dollars prize pool, as well as the title of the first ever GWENT World Champion up for grabs.


    Third-party partners can apply for a license from CD PROJEKT RED to host their own GWENT tournaments. They will be required to follow the official conduct and ruleset of GWENT Masters, with any additional rules on top needed to be approved by CD PROJEKT RED. Prize pools for licensed competitive GWENT events start at 10 000 US dollars and will additionally award players with Crown Points for placing — the exact amount of the latter will be determined between the tournament’s organizer and CD PROJEKT RED. Each licensed tournament should have open qualifiers to select participants, and can be held either on-site, or online.

    You can apply to organize a licensed GWENT tournament using the application form available here.


    These are tournaments organized by the player community. The prize pool of these events should not exceed 10 000 US dollars and getting a license from CD PROJEKT RED will not be necessary to organize one. Community tournaments can take place online, as well as on-site. However, players will not receive Crown Points for neither participating, nor placing in them.

    If you’d like to host your own community-powered GWENT tournament, make sure to check out and follow the official GWENT community tournament guidelines available here.


    Official GWENT Masters tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED will each follow the same Single Elimination, Best-of-Five format. A player will be eliminated from the tournament if they lose a match. To achieve victory, players must win 3 out of 5 games against their opponent. This format also applies to the matches held during the main event of licensed tournaments.

    In the case of licensed tournaments not organized by CD PROJEKT RED, an open qualifier available to all GWENT players will need to take place prior to the main event. These will be played in a Swiss-system, Best-of-Three format. A player will be eliminated after 3 match losses until only 8 players remain. To achieve victory, players must win 2 out of 3 games against their opponent.

    Ahead of the tournament, each participant must build 4 decks from 4 different factions. No two decks can be of the same faction. Opponents will be able to ban, in secret, a chosen enemy deck at the beginning of each game. Once the players have each banned an enemy deck, they will choose 1 out of their 3 remaining decks to use for their first match. Winning decks can’t be used to play another match, while losing ones may be used again or swapped out for a different one.


    The three tiers of GWENT Masters tournaments organized by CD PROJEKT RED each have a different prize pool:
      GWENT Open — 25 000 US dollars GWENT Challenger — 100 000 US dollars GWENT World Masters — 250 000 US dollars
    At each stage of these tournaments, participants will be competing for pieces of the the prize pool. Details regarding this are available in the official rules and regulations of GWENT Masters here.

    How much prize money a participant receives depends on the result of the match. For example, during the a quarterfinal’s match of a GWENT Open tournament the participants will be competing for 1000 US dollars. If the overall match result is 3:0, the winner will receive 1 000 US dollars and the loser will receive 0 US dollars, if it would be 3:1 the winner gets 750 US dollars and the loser gets 250 US dollars, if it would be 3:2 the winner gets 600 US dollars and the loser gets 400 US dollars.


    For detailed information on everything regarding GWENT Masters, including the rules and regulations of each tournament type, as well as details regarding participation in GWENT Masters and its events be sure to acquaint yourself with these official GWENT Masters documents.


    If you have questions or other inquiries regarding GWENT Masters, feel free to contact us. To make sure you get the answers you’re looking for as soon as possible, please remember to always choose the email address that best suits the nature of your inquiry.

    Tournament related inquiries: [email protected]
    General GWENT Masters and esports inquiries: [email protected]
    Legal inquiries: [email protected]
    Business inquiries: [email protected]
    Contact for Streamer/YouTubers: [email protected]
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