Crash and fail to close bug

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    I was just going to play a quick match and the game simply crashed to desktop. It showed a message that it would be great if I could send the files in the folder but it looks like I cannot upload the files as attachments here or in the support form because the extensión is not allowed (.txt and .dmp), unless the game sends the files automagically and I misread the message?

    Also, the game oftely fails to close when clicking on exit and I'm forced to close it forcefully on the task manager, no idea as to what to do about this one though!

    edit: And apparently the game also locks up and crashes when clicking on "next" after winnong a quick match.
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    Okay! I will start troubleshooting in that order and see if I have any luck. Thanks!

    As for the particular crash that I was referring to, the game created a crash folder and the message only said that I should send the files within said folder to support. But I cannot send the files because the extesions are not allowed anywhere and pasting the contents would be a huge mess lol. I included pictures for clarity. I can alays just say that I crashed while trying to play a quick match but there isn't much else I can add to help them!
    You should be able to send the txt file as we are mostly interested in output_log file. You can also pack it to zip or rar package and send it over as well
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    No luck! It doesn't let me with either the zip or by trying to simply send the output_log txt file I can paste it here if you want but it looks pretty long lol
    Even when you try to send the file to support team via form?