Account problems in Chinese server

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    Dear Devs,

    First, Thanks to your hard work, The CDPR now is one of the most respected producers and dealers in China(actually many Hearthstone players is trying to switch to Gwent). We are impressed by the game quality and service.

    However, for some days, some problems in the Gwent Card are annoying me. I found that when I chose to login to Chinese server(without any obvious warning), I CAN'T login back into "International Server" anymore. It shows "service interrupt" all the time.

    As well known, censorship in our country is unbelievably strict. Many cards in China are "harmonized". But that is not the point, with the most recent patch, cards turned into "beer"(which you can see in the file uploaded). So is there any possibility that we Chinese players can login into the international sever again? it would be appreciated if you could let us enjoy the original game.

    I just can't recommend a Card Game to my friends whose cards are on masks. We love Gwent Card and we can understand that GAEA has its trouble. We all want Gwent to have a brighter future.

    I think CDPR can refer to the Dota2 Chinese sever. Players have the right to choose which server they login. Hope you won't ignore my sincere suggestions.

    My English is poor, so please forgive me if I possibly offend you.

    Again, thanks a lot for the great games you made. dziękuję.
  • In case you wondered:
    We are still in the process of granting the exp and the related rewards, it may last for the whole day tomorrow. It's unfortunate there are no notifications, we will look into the possibility of adding them in such events.
    It also seems that sometimes people get ore instead of kegs but they don't lose on it. However, I'm not 100% certain yet if everything will be granted correctly, judging by logs of some users it was, judging by others - seems in progress, we will see,